Royal Joust Ride at Legoland Florida

Royal Joust is a ride for kids that gets everyone in on the action!

Children get the chance to be the knight as they ride life size Lego-themed horses around the jousting grounds.

All of the bright colors of Lego are on display at this outdoor ride.

Flags fly and tent walls wave in the wind as your knight prepares for battle!

The Lego “horses” wind their way around a track laid out on the ground, while the riders encounter scenes from a joust along the way.

Courtly jesters, other players in the joust, and scenes along the way are all built with everyone’s favorite bricks.

The horses rock gently, and the ride is slow, but fun enough that age-appropriate riders won’t get bored!

Lance a Jester

Each Lego horse is equipped with a lance making the joust as life-like as possible.

Plus, each rider gets the chance to “lance” a jester at the end of the ride, making every one a winner.

The Royal Joust ride is located in the Kingdoms section of Legoland, next to Castle Burger, which is a great place for a quick bite to eat while exploring the park.

The Royal Joust is also right on the edge of the Land of Adventure, making it a good last stop in LEGOLAND’s Kingdoms section of the park.

Riders on The Royal Joust must be between the ages of 4 and 12, and at least 36” tall.

Riders go on the ride solo, and are strapped on to the slow moving horse with a seatbelt.

While lines may be long, Legoland does a good job with attention to detail, and has a small building station set up for kids while their parents hold their place in line.

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