Technicycle is an Interactive Ride at LEGOLAND Florida

Technicycle is a brightly colored, cool-looking ride is covered in huge Lego gears, and looks exactly as if one of the Lego builders dreamed it up and built it right on the spot, with their favorite building bricks and pieces!

The red wings over each cycle prove a focal point to the ride, and offer some shade for the mid-day Florida sunshine.

A triangular bar hangs from the red gliders, making the cycles look like a combination between hang gliders and bicycles.

Once riders clamber onto their cycles, it is up to them to provide the foot power to achieve lift-off.

Multiple Cycles

Two riders have the chance to pedal their way up to the heights the ride can reach.

The ride has multiple cycles revolving around the center pole.

The ride, which takes riders in a circular motion, seems pretty standard, but ups the fun quotient by making riders responsible for their own lift off.

Popular Ride

This is one of the favorite rides and images from the rides at Legoland, so be prepared as there may be a line.

Technicycle is located in the Lego Technic area of Legoland Florida, across from Robot Pit Stop, and adjacent to Aquazone Wave Racers.

Both Technicycle and the Aquazone Wave Racers are great rides for younger guests of the park with adult help – they are both interactive rides that put the controls in your hands!

Riders who are up to the cycling challenge of Technicycle must be 36” to ride with an adult, or at least 42” to ride alone.

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