Legolandís Wells Fargo 4D Fun Town Theater

Really “get into” the show at Legoland’s 4D Fun Town Theater.

The Fun Town Theater at Legoland is a 4-D theater that combines favorite Lego Characters with special effects and a 3-D movie experience.

Choose one – or all three – of the movies to enjoy, as they are shown daily at the theater.

The Wells Fargo Fun Town Theater is a stop you must add to your itinerary.

This 700-seat theater shows three different 4-D movies during the day.

Wells Fargo 4D Theater

4-D movies require that you wear 3-D glasses for the full dimensional experience, and the 4th dimension is added with effects in your chair, environmental effects like mist and wind, and occasional drops of water.

Clutch Powers Lego Adventurer

Clutch Powers, a can-do Lego adventurer, has his own show which puts him on a mission to find a surprise machine, and then save it from the evil Crystal King.

The surprise package is a jetpack, and everyone gets a ride when Clutch inadvertently picks him or her all up when wearing it.

Spellbreaker & Chima 4-D

Spellbreaker 4-D is an epic battle of good versus evil, as four medieval Hero’s including a knight, princess, and jester, must fight to save the kingdom from an evil wizard.

Finally, Lego Legends of Chima 4D follows Laval as he clashes with his former friend Cragger when they battle for control of the CHI!

These three movies are shown throughout the day at special times, depending on the season.

Be sure to check the day’s schedule either at Guest Services in the park, at the Theater itself when you enter Fun Town.

Each film lasts about 12 minutes, but get there early enough to grab a seat.

The theater is located between the Minifigure Market and Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet.

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