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Seafire Inn at SeaWorld

Take in a meal and a show at SeaWorld’s Seafire Inn!

Offering good views of Seaworld’s waterfront and a varied menu at reasonable prices (for theme park standards), Seafire is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner while enjoying your day at SeaWorld.

While you eat, you can enjoy a lively Polynesian dance show in the dining room!

Price Range: about $10 per person.

Seafire Inn at SeaWorld


  • Slow Roast Turkey and Swiss Hand Carved Signature Sandwich
  • Fish and Chips
  • Pasta and Assorted Sauces
  • Chicken Stir Fry
  • Mediterranean Veggie Wrap
  • International Club Sandwich
  • Signature Chef Salad
  • Traditional Chicken Caesar
  • Assorted sides

Children’s Menu

(All served with a small drink and a choice of baby carrots or French fries.)

  • Chicken Tenders
  • Pasta
  • Turkey Sandwich


  • Assorted Coca-Cola® products
  • 20 oz Dasani®
  • Premium and Domestic Beers available
  • Wines sold by the glass


After 6:30 PM, the menu switches over to the Makahiki Luau menu, featuring dishes like sland Salad, Fish in Pina Colada Sauce, Hawaiian Chicken, Polynesian-Style Barbecue Pork, Polynesian Fried Rice, and Stir-Fried Vegetable Medley.

The Seafire Inn is very close to the Manta coaster and Dolphin Nursery, resting on the shore just before you reach the bridge to Shamu Stadium.

It’s a great place to grab something to eat before taking in a Shamu show and is likely to be less crowded and chaotic than Mango Joe’s, which is much closer to the stadium.

Note: This location is a participant in SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining Deal, a convenient all-you-can-eat dining experience for a great low price!

By Marie Ospina
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