Africa Section of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Take the bridge from Discovery Island to Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom and you will soon find yourself welcomed to the Kenyan village of Harambe by pounding African drums!


Tucked away behind a 40-foot baobab tree, you will find the entrance of one of the park's most incredible attractions: Kilimanjaro Safari , an adventure that will transport you to the African Savanna! Board a safari jeep and head out into the Harambe Reserve where you will come face-to-face with giraffes, rhinos, elephants, baboons, and lions.

After your safari, take a walk through Pangani Forest Exploration Trail where you will have up-close encounters with monkeys, okapi, hippos, and majestic gorillas.

Be sure to be quiet in the Gorilla Research Camp, as loud noises will agitate the gorillas and cause them to leave. And you certainly don't want to miss them!

The food in Africa is some of the best in Animal Kingdom.

Donald, Mickey, and Goofy

Visit Tusker House Restaurant for a character meal with Donald, Mickey, and Goofy and enjoy a full-scale buffet featuring a few traditional African dishes.

If you're looking for something quicker and lighter, try Tamu Tamu Refreshments for breakfast or lunch or Kusafiri Coffee & Bakery for one of Harambe Village's famous White Chocolate Elephant Cupcakes.

Adults looking for some shade and a stiff drink can stop by Dawa Bar for a beer or specialty cocktail.

Harambe Village

Harambe Village also features some excellent places to shop.

Mombasa Marketplace and Ziwani Traders offer safari gear, authentic African gifts, and other unique items.

Daka La Filimu is a lifesaver if you find yourself in need of film or batteries for your camera before boarding Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Tip: The best time for Kilimanjaro Safaris is early in the morning before the Florida heat drives many of the animals into hiding.

However, many visitors have caught on to this fact, so there may be long wait times even when the park first opens.

If so, grab a FastPass, enjoy breakfast at Tamu Tamu or Kusafiri Bakery, and return to Kilimanjaro just in time to embark on your safari!

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