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The American Idol Experience Attraction is Closed

Disney has not yet announced what will replace this Hollywood Studio attraction.

Set in the Superstar Television Theatre, which is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the American Idol Experience is a daily competition that is filled with all of the excitement of the reality TV show, and it could just be the big break that you have been waiting for.

Guests are invited to audition in front of a live audience and learn who the audience prefers by way of a live vote.

Guests who are 14 and older are invited to line up and then audition in front of a casting director who will judge the singers on their ability to belt out a memorized tune in front of an audience.

Just like on the television show the first auditions are done a cappella, which means that the songs are sung without musical accompaniment.

Singers who make the cut are then invited to advance to a second round where they will audition with a producer.

Country, Rock, Pop & Disney tunes

The producer will offer them a song list that includes country, rock, pop, and of course plenty of Disney tunes.

The singers will then need to once again audition, but this time against the background of prerecorded music.

Some of the songs on the list may not be available for auditioning guests, they may have been sung by other guests on that day.

The singers who pass the second audition will then be scheduled to participate in one of the shows each day.

The preliminary show is an attraction that typically features five live shows every day.

Three selected guests will perform during each show, and the winner of each of the five shows will then move on to the final show.

At the preliminary show, the guests will be asked to perform in front of a live audience that is seated inside the attraction’s comfortable and roomy theatre.

Fun and Fanfare

There is a lot of fun and fanfare for each performing guest, much like you’d see on the American Idol television show.

After the performances, the audience members will vote for their favorite performer, using electronic keypads that are attached to their seats.

Guests who audition for the American Idol Experience are only able to enter the contest twice in a 7 day period; and if they win the dream ticket that will secure them an American Idol audition, they are not permitted to enter again for another full year.

The final show of the day will feature each of the winners from the day’s shows, and once again the live audience will be encouraged to vote for their favorite performer.

The audience members are also encouraged to cheer for the contestants and liberally boo the judges for their comments; it is all in the name of fun however!

The judges all have backgrounds in the performing arts, and are qualified to pass judgment on the aspiring singers.

The third judge always passes a negative comment, even if the performance was outstanding!

“Dream Ticket”

The winner of each day’s final performance will receive a “Dream Ticket.”

This ticket will allow the rising star to bypass the long lines at one of the American Idol auditions for the television show.

There are a number of restrictions that relate to the age of the contestant however, and the contestant needs to be able to actually attend one of the regional auditions.

The American Idol Experience is a fun-filled attraction that has a very exciting reward for those who make it through to the final performance.

Whether you are participating with your friends all in the name of fun or you are looking to get your fifteen minutes in the spotlight on the next American Idol audition, you are sure to have an exhilarating time belting out some of your favorite songs in front of a live audience.

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