Character Greetings around Epcot

Meeting and greeting Disney characters under the shadow of the Epcot Center is an iconic image that is deeply embedded in heart of every child.

For generations, Disney has created iconic films that have become such a big part of childhood.

As a result, everyone from the smallest kids to the biggest adults flock to Disney World each year to experience the true magic of Disney and meet some of its most endearing characters.

Whether you fell in love with Disney’s classic prince and princess tales or prefer more modern films featuring an ensemble cast, chances are that you’ll be able to meet them in person at the Epcot Center.

Meet and Greet Appearances

Meet-and-greet appearances occur on a daily basis at Epcot Center.

In order to make sure you get a chance to see your favorite character, check the Times Guide available at Epcot on the day of your visit.

Many characters can be found at Epcot’s World Showcase.

Here, a number of countries from around the world are represented through architecture, dining and other experiences.

Visitors can head to the France Pavilion to meet Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, as France is where the original tale originates from.

On that same notion, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves can often be found in the Germany Pavilion.

Several other Disney princesses call the Norway Pavilion their home.

In addition to characters stationed at specific pavilions, there are plenty of other characters that walk around the World Showcase and meet passers by.

These characters can include Duffy the Disney Bear, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin and Marie from The Aristocats.

Autographs and Photo Taking

Just like Belle, Snow White and everyone else, these characters will be more than happy to sign autographs, take pictures with fans and dish out hugs to little kids and little kids at heart.

Other Disney characters such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse can also be found at Epcot Center. However, instead of hanging around the World Showcase, they can be found at the Epcot Character Spot.

In addition to seeing your favorite mice, you’ll also probably run into the likes of Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto and Chip ‘n’ Dale.

Like any other meet-and-greet, specific scheduling is available from the Times Guide at Epcot.

Though most of us assume character meet-and-greets is for smaller kids, people of all ages are welcome to participate.

In fact, it’s often the older visitors that are the biggest Disney fans as they’ve grown up with decades of Disney films.

Regardless of your age, all the characters will be more than happy to meet with you as well as provide an autograph and take a picture.

Children will of course be thrilled to meet some of their favorite Disney prince and princesses in the flesh, and will love to opportunity to throw their arms around other animal-based characters like Disney Bear and Marie.

At Epcot's new character spot, you can now see Joy and Sadness from Disney's newest hit Inside Out!

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