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Cinderella's Castle at Disney World

Cinderella’s Castle is a cherished landmark at Fantasyland in the Walt Disney World Resort.

This magnificent castle, rising nearly 200 feet, is a beautiful representation of royalty anywhere.

The graceful spires, turrets and moat are instantly recognizable and transport a visitor from a mind set of work and worries to carefree and fun.

Cinderella is an iconic story brought to life by Disney.

Cinderella, a poor, modest girl is virtually turned into a slave by a domineering stepmother and two stepsisters.

Handsome Prince Charming invites all the young women from his territory to a fancy ball, intending to choose a wife from one of them.

The heartless stepsisters taunt and flaunt their positions to Cinderella, reminding her often that her presence at the ball will not be possible or welcome.

Poor Cinderella is devastated.

Fairy Godmother

As soon as the stepsisters leave for the ball, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears.

The Godmother, with her magic wand, transforms this humble servant into a ravishing beauty, bedecked with jewels, a stunning gown and dainty glass slippers.

She waves the wand to turn a pumpkin into a magnificent carriage and mice into footmen.

However, a stern warning is issued; all this grandeur ends at the stroke of midnight.

Cinderella becomes the sensation of the ball.

Everyone, especially the Prince, is enthralled by her grace, charm and beauty.

Just before midnight, the glamorous Cinderella flees the ball and all changes back to the poorer conditions, just as the Fairy Godmother foretold.

One glass slipper gets left behind.

Prince Charming

The saddened Prince Charming goes from house to house throughout his county looking for the girl whose foot fits the slipper.

This person will become his Princess.

Although the two stepsisters try and try to get their big feet into the slipper, it is apparent they are not going to win the Prince’s heart.

Timidly, Cinderella asks to try on the shoe.

All are stunned as it fits and, the second slipper is produced.

The stepsisters beg for forgiveness.

Cinderella pardons them as she goes off to live in the Castle.

The story reminds us all that good will triumph over evil and a humble situation can lead to riches.

It is a story Walt Disney could relate to in his own life and may be why he put this commanding Castle is in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. 

Stepping inside Cinderella’s Castle is a continuation of the magical fairy tale.

Inside the Castle

A glass window of over 1 million pieces and over 500 colors depicting Cinderella’s story dominates one wall.

Clips of the famed animated movie play continually.

Of course, Cinderella is always home to welcome visitors.

It may be the most cherished, anticipated and photographed structure on earth. 

Cinderella’s Castle is the place for diners, as well. Three meals a day are served at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Every evening, dazzling fireworks explode behind this iconic castle, ending the day on another fairy tale note.

At Christmas, the Castle is especially beautiful with icicle lights. 

Cinderella’s Castle is nothing short of an American treasure.

Based on a silly fairy tale, it has the ability to make one’s dreams seem possible and attainable.

What can be better than that?

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