Dinosaur Attraction Animal Kingdom

DINOSAUR is a prehistoric-themed attraction at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

This turbulent ride takes guests through the Cretaceous period while traveling on board a Time Rover.

With a themed story behind the outstanding animatronic dinosaurs and the incredible fiber-optic special effects, guests are sure to have a roaring good time!

The DINOSAUR attraction was originally named Countdown to Extinction, but was renamed in an effort to promote Disney’s computer animated feature film of the same name.

The Dinosaur movie have never actually been referenced at any point of the ride, but the two dinosaurs that were most prominently featured in the film are also the same two dinosaurs more prominently featured on the ride; they are a Carnotaurus and an Iguanadon.

Some of the scenes from the movie are however shown during the pre-show so that guests can quickly identify the Iguanadon as the protagonist Aladar, from the feature film.

Enter the Research Facility

Guests lining up for the attraction will enter into a secret research facility, which actually features the remains of a real dinosaur.

The pre-show film features a researcher who will tell guests that they are about to embark on a peaceful tour of the Cretaceous period, but she is quickly interrupted by another researcher who tells the riders that they are about to be sent to a time period at the end of the Cretaceous period so that they can rescue Aladar from extinction.

Guests are warned that they will be entering too close to the time period when the meteor than killed all of the dinosaurs hits the earth.

Once upon the ride, guests will enter into the time tunnel and appear in a prehistoric jungle scene, where they are now to look for the Iguanadon.

Through the journey guests will encounter a wide variety of dinosaurs and situations.

Time Rover

The Time Rover moves at a rather rapid pace, jerks from side to side, drops down several times, and enters into several phases of total darkness.

Strobe lights appear several times to illuminate additional dinosaur threats, and other potentially scary situations.

While the DINOSAUR attraction is entirely fictional and guests are not in any actual real danger during the short ride, there are still a number of warnings attached to this attraction.

Ride Regulations

Guests need to be 40” (102 cm) or taller.

The DINOSAUR feature includes a lot of loud roars and other very loud sounds, often in the dark.

Assistive listening devices are available, and while the access and pathways to the ride are wheelchair accessible, guests need to be able to transfer from their wheelchair into the Time Rover.

Service animals are also not permitted on this ride, as the nature of the ride does not easily accommodate the needs of a service animal.

FastPass is available for this ride, which can be very useful due to the popularity of this prehistoric attraction.

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