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New Disney Junior Shows at Hollywood Studios

Disney Junior is an innovative show for today’s preschoolers.

These beloved shows are now live on stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Animation Courtyard theater.

Youngsters are introduced to the perennial favorites of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy and the crew their parents and grandparents grew up with.

Their antics and dress are familiar but updated for today’s hippier child.

Other casts and shows are brand new, fun and happy, but with modern themes and problems.

Disney’s way of problem solving is always through a story.


Sofia, the First, is one such story.

Sofia, a bright little girl of no social status, is suddenly a princess when her mother marries the King.

How this does change her life!

No longer free to come and go at will, Sofia learns there are both perks and downsides to having privilege and money.

With basic human values of truth and kindness, everything works out well.

Doc McStubbins is a special little girl who can communicate with broken and no-longer-used toys.

She uses magical communication methods to heal toys of their hurts and feelings of abandonment.

Interactive Show

Jake and the Neverland Pirates showcase physical activity.

In this exciting tale, Jake and his crew of Izzy, Cully and Skully take on the mean and dangerous Captain Hook and Smee.

To be victorious, Jake and friends need to use cunning, teamwork and problem solving skills.

They might need your help.

These are just a few examples of the dozens of remarkable interactive shows Disney designed for the younger crowd.

However, the lessons are multi-generational and always appropriate, so bring the family and get back to basics.

These are shows worth seeing.

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