Ellen's Energy Adventure Attraction at Epcot

Ellen's Energy Adventure is an attraction located within Future World's Universe of Energy pavilion at EPCOT, Disney World.

The attraction is yet another star-studded event.

This time, it is none other than Ellen DeGeneres playing the starring role.

Also featured are celebrity scientist Bill Nye, as well as Jeopardy’s! Alex Trebek.

Ellen's Energy Adventure is a film/dark ride combination lasting approximately 45 minutes.

It covers the nature and origins of various energy sources that are in common use on planet Earth.

When the attraction was opened in 1996, the primary focus was on fossil fuels.

However, after the increasing popularity of renewable energy sources such as solar energy and hydroelectricity, these new methods of power generation are now covered.

Few people know that Ellen's Energy Adventure was once called Ellen's Energy Crisis.

However, this name turned out to be quite controversial due to the ongoing issues of global warming and energy conservation at the forefront of public consciousness at the time, so Disney removed the word Crisis and replaced it with the far more family friendly Adventure.

Nonetheless, this small piece of controversy helped the popularity of the ride.

The attraction also breaks the common Disney tradition of continuous renovations.

Thanks to its longevity and excellent reputation, it has remained relatively unchanged since its opening.

Ellen's Energy Adventure makes use of the famous travelling theatre technology, the ride system used in many Disney attractions all around the world.


The attraction also makes use of dioramas, 3D sets featuring realistic models to portray scenes rather than the standard television screen theatre.

Disney has further enhanced the 3D theatre experience through the use of proprietary Audio-Animatronic technology.

Before you embark on Ellen's Energy Adventure, you are first brought up to speed with a short film lasting just under 10 minutes.

In this film, you see Ellen DeGeneres dreaming about a special version of the famous game show Jeopardy!, in which the main topic is energy.

Ellen's opponents are Judy Peterson and none other than Albert Einstein.

This short film plays as you are standing.

When it ends, you are then directed to the theatre where you take your seats.

Ellen's Journey

As soon as you are safely seated, you are turned towards the doors and see Ellen being transported back in time over 13 billion years to the moment of the Big Bang.

Ellen is then taken to the prehistoric Earth, where Bill Nye the science guy explains to her that fossil fuels are the result of decomposition of dead plants and animals from the jungle and at the bottom of the sea over many millions of years.

After the short film on fossil fuels, you are now turned towards the diorama.

The seating areas divide into six separate vehicles, and each one embarks on a journey through the time of the dinosaurs, where a significant amount of fossil fuels origin.

You are taken through numerous scenes of Audio-Animatronic dinosaurs in their prehistoric environments

.Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex are just a few of the famous species of dinosaur you will catch a glimpse of as they go about their lives in swamps, waterfalls and jungles.

At the end of the diorama, your vehicles move on to the second theatre where Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nyte discuss a number of energy sources both present and future.

Then, using the knowledge she has accumulated from her journey, Ellen returns to her dream and defeats opponent Judy Peterson and become the Jeopardy! winner.

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