Epcot World Showcase at Walt Disney World

World Showcase is located at 200 Epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Situated in Walt Disney World Resort EPCOT theme center along with Future World.

This park is well known as the showcase of the world.

It houses 11 pavilion to represent and celebrate the cultures of Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States.

Trek through 11unique countries.

Travel the globe from one breath taking pavilion to another.

Unite and discover the charm and diversity of each attraction, restaurant and shop.

Taste flavorful multinational cuisines.

Visit shops from around the globe.

Stroll throughout the showcase areas, find and experience exciting outdoor performances, character meet-and-greets and interactive play stations.

American Adventure Pavilion

The American Adventure Pavilion is about celebrating the historical development of this great nation.

Live it up and revel in the American history and homeland traditions.

At the colonial designed, Celebrate America complex guest will find scores of paintings and quotations from celebrated Americans.

American adventure offers live patriotic performances, theatrical and musical shows.

The Voice of Liberty singers dress in colonial outfits and sing patriotic and folk songs in cappella.

The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corp also performs blazing patriotic music.

Dine at the Liberty Inn Restaurant for American cuisine such as cheeseburgers and BBQ.

Funnel cakes are served at the kiosk near the pavilion.

Take in the Hall of Flags display and visit the America Gardens Theatre for special functions.

Heritage Manor Gift shop is where you will find the Voices of Liberty compact disc and exact reproductions of historical documents, such as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.


Visit the amazing Canada Pavilion and encounter the restful character and welcoming mood.

It is landscaped with impressive gardens,  distinguished buildings, a 30-foot waterfall, carved totem poles and a canyon similar to the Canadian Rockies.

Take in the O Canada film exhibition, a visual trip across this incredible country.

Dine at Le Cellier Steakhouse with its wine-cellar surrounding of stone arches and candle chandeliers.

Feast on fabulous dishes geared for red meat lovers.

Open for lunch and dinner. Enjoy the Celtic style rock band, Off Kilter for a mix of humor and fine music.

Find Canadian folk art, pewter pieces, toy and athletic clothing at Northwest Mercantile.


Spend time at the fascinating China Pavilion, a crisscross of bridges and decorated ponds.

Experience the world's oldest civilization with all of its wonders and intricate designs.

Unwind at the well-crafted Temple of Heaven. See the Reflections of China, a film presentation that covers the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China.

This original movie explores the history and scenery of China.

Or take it easy, laze by the peaceful gardens and reflecting ponds.

Visit the authentic tomb sculptures from Ancient China dating back to 2,000 year.

Observe the Chinese tomb art in the House of the Whispering Willows gallery exhibit.

Popular Chinese acrobats perform various shows daily.

The Nine Dragons Restaurant and the Lotus Blossom Cafe provides delicious Chinese cuisine.

Shop at the House of Good Fortune for real Chinese merchandise and artifacts.

China Pavilion is located between the Norway and Germany areas.



The France Pavilion is full of charisma and charm. Expect the streets of Paris and France provinces' beauty.

The pavilion's attractive gardens, old fashioned shops and Eiffel Tower replica implies the French way of life.

Impressions de France takes guest on a panoramic visual journey through France.

Enjoy gourmet French cuisine and fine wine at elegant Bistro de Paris restaurant.

Le Chefs de France serves classic French delicacies and wines.

Be entertained by Serveur Amusant featuring 2 acrobatic waiters balancing act involving a table setting evolving into a tower of chairs.

French goods like designer fragrances, soaps, wines and dinnerware are available in the marketplace.


In the Germany Pavilion you will find an attractive, old-fashioned 16th-century designed German village.

Walk the cobblestone public square, visit the shops for steins, take in the clock tower and Saint George defeating a dragon statue.

Enjoy the sound of the oom-pah harmony coming from the band.

Find a large model village with several working model trains.

Dine at the Biergarten Restaurant for a real German meal.

Watch for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs characters appearing in this area.

Germany cultural area is located between the Italian and China Pavilion.


The Italy Pavilion delivers the distinct atmosphere and flavors of Italy.

Indulge in the romantic appeal and sights resemblance of attractive Venice, Florence and Roman with respective architectural style.

Find beautiful hallmarks designs right down to gondolas, bridges, a bell tower and the Neptune fountain.

Dine in luxury at the Tutto Italia or Via Napoli.

Visit the Il Bel Cristallo and the many shops for genuine Italian merchandise.

Look out for musicians, clowns and acting ensembles entertaining in the cultural area throughout your stay.

This pavilion is between Germany and American Adventure Pavilions.


At the Japan Pavilion you will be surrounded by distinct buildings and a relaxed ambience full of grace and elegance.

Stroll in through the torii gate and into a decorated countryside of Japanese maples, evergreen, monkey puzzle trees and Bamboo.

This stunning pavilion is landscaped with ecological gardens, koi ponds, streams, moat and blue-roofed pagoda.

Entertainment includes an exhibit called Visions of Beauty, World Heritage Sites of Japan and the Japanese taiko drummers.

Shop at the Mitsukoshi Department Store for genuine Japanese products such as Bonsai trees, Samurai swords and more.

This pavilion is between American Adventure and Morocco Pavilions.


The indoor, outdoor Mexican Pavilion is where you will appreciate zest and flavor of Mexico.

Start at the towering Aztec pyramid and observe the display of relics. Discover the interesting ancient treasures from Mexico's past.

Have a great time and get a thrill out of the festive music in the colonial marketplace.

Experience the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros, a boat ride in a lagoon at the base of a volcano.

Spend time at La Hacienda De San Angel to savor tasty Queso Fundidos and Pescado a la Talla. Visit San Angel Inn for formal dining.

You can feast on Mai Mahi and Taco de Ribeye.

La Cantina De San Angel is great for quick menu items such as nachos and tacos.

Be entertained by the famous Mariachi Cobre's live show and the nightly fireworks called IllumiNations.

Buy a bona fide Mexican baskets, pottery, blankets, silver jewelry, tequila and more in this area.


The Moroccan Pavilion is a government assisted pavilion with a true to life Koutoubia Minaret.

The Minaret was designed to bears an accurate and truthful representation.

The pavilion was created to resemble two typical Moroccan cities; one old and one new.

Keep a watch out for Arabia Disney character here.

Eat at Restaurant Marrakesh for dining on roast lamb and Couscous.

Listen to world music of Mo'Rocken and watch traditional belly dancing exhibitions at the restaurant.

Visit the Gallery of Arts and History which showcases the artifacts, customs and culture of Morocco.

View their authentic, decorative mosaics. The Fes House is a standard Moroccan residence.

Guest get to view water fountains and different North African plants, such as date palms, olive and citrus trees and more.

Visit, discover, and shop this fascinating far away land for Rabat carpets, fezzes and brass wares.


The Norway Pavilion is great viking fun.

This scenic Norwegian designed town is made of stone and wood parts with a large section make up by shops which are interconnected.

Store fronts are well-adorned with large trolls.

Norwegian goods on sale include clothing, sweet candy, aesthetic statuettes of Norse gods, mythical characters, trolls and pewter.

The courtyard leads to breathtaking Maelstrom adventure cruise.

It is a historic boat ride into Norway's past to present day.

Norse weapons and artifact are on display at the Stave Church.

Celebrate and dine at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for Princess Storybook Dining inside a caste.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Pavilion is quite charming.

Saunter the cobblestone paths of picturesque old England.

Set out into the hedge maze tour, or undertake a pub visit for a cold pint and a sit down.

The Rose & Crown Pub Dining Room serves classic British menu items, as well as beer and ales.

Be entertained by the Hat Lady while at the pub. As you roam about, do no miss the comical street actors.

The World Showcase Players perform improv skit and silly shenanigans throughout the day.

Store fronts are well-adorn.

Shop for teas, biscuits, Beatles products, medieval items such as swords, dagger, shields, rugby and soccer goods.

Visit World Showcase to attend these popular pavilions.

Epcot's World Showcase delivers it all for your entertainment.

They have attractions, amusement, live music, dancers, interactive play areas, characters, fireworks, tours, shopping, dining and merchandise for the whole family.

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