Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Explore the grandeur of the Himalayans on a run-away train, while narrowly avoiding the abominable snowman and certain doom!

Expedition Everest is a fun-filled adventure attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Located in the Asia section of the park, this thrilling roller coaster ride is neighbor to the Kali River Rapids attraction and the Maharaja Jungle Trek attraction.

But it is by far the most thrill-filled adventure ride to be found in the Asia section of the theme park.

Mount Everest

Set with the theme of scaling Mount Everest, the opening of this popular attraction took over 6 years of extensive planning,design and construction, and is actually the tallest artificial mountain located at Walt Disney World.

The mountain alone took over three years to construct, which makes it one of the great Disney engineering marvels.

Park guests climb aboard the roller coaster to embark on a rather swift twisting and turning journey through the Himalayas, arriving at the foot of Mount Everest

Roller Coaster Train

The train continues along its journey, including a number of short drops and sharp turns, ultimately riding into and up inside of the mountain.

As the train makes its way up, it passes through what appears to be a temple that has been destroyed.

On the walls of the temple appear to be murals of the mythical yeti, and warnings to the train riders tell them that they are now entering into his territory.

As the train reaches the very top of the mountain and emerges out of the cave, it slowly comes to a halt in front of what appears to be a piece of track that has been destroyed.

Atop the mountain you’ll be able to see miles and miles of the park spread out all around you; this really is a wonderful but very brief opportunity to take in the surroundings.

The brakes on the train will hiss loudly and then a switch will be thrown, which results in the train car hurtling backwards down a new route that will take it down through the mountain.

The train will screech to a halt inside of a cave, and a silhouette of the yeti will show him tearing up more parts of the train track!

The train will then go through several more thrilling drops and turns, narrowly missing the grasp of the fearsome yeti, before returning to the unloading dock and a gift shop.

This ride is for the thrill seekers and the adventurers amongst us all.

With a sturdy steel track and a number of engineering marvels, the ride lasts just under 3 minutes; which is more than enough time to thoroughly enjoy the thrills and the chills that come along with this Himalayan ride.

Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest Expedition Everest 1 Expedition Everest 2 Expedition Everest 3 Expedition Everest 4 Expedition Everest 5 Expedition Everest 6 Expedition Everest 7 Expedition Everest 8 Expedition Everest 9 Expedition Everest 10 Expedition Everest 11

FASTPASS & Ride Switch Service

This is a very popular ride so you could expect to queue up for around thirty minutes, but the good news is that the FASTPASS is available for this ride, which can help you to zip past those waiting in line.

Children who are less than 44 inches tall are not permitted to go on this ride, but the Ride Switch service is available for this ride.

Ride Switch allows two or more adults to take turns on the ride, while one of them remains behind with children who are too small to get on the ride.

The ride is wheelchair accessible, but guests need to be able to transfer out of their wheelchair and into the train in order to enjoy the ride.

Due to the type of ride, service animals are not permitted to accompany their owners on this ride.

Filled with adventure, thrills, excitement, and a little bit of fear thrown in for good measure, Expedition Everest is a great choice for the explorer in all of us.

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