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FASTPASS and Ride Share

The Walt Disney World theme parks are very popular year-round destinations.

The popularity of the parks, combined with the lovely moderate climate Orlando offers, can often lead to longer than average waits to enjoy some of the most popular attractions.

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Ever aware of the needs of their guests with children, Disney rolled out two programs that can help to make the time spent in the park just that much more enjoyable and stress-free.

The FASTPASS system and the Ride Share system are two of the programs that allow guests a bit of flexibility with the time that they spend in the park.

The FASTPASS is a type of queuing system that allows park guests to essentially reserve their space for the popular rides that can often have wait times exceeding an hour.

Each FASTPASS eligible attraction will have three different queuing lines for guests.

One line is referred to as the standby entrance for guests who are not using the FASTPASS, and are simply waiting in line for their turn on the ride.

One line is the distribution line for the FASTPASS and is where you will get your ticket.

One line is the FASTPASS entrance where you will bypass guests waiting in line.

FASTPASS allows guests to reserve their time on the ride, leave to go grab a bite to eat or take in another attraction, and then return to the ride and bypass the other guests who are queuing up for the ride.

For example, if you wanted to enjoy riding on Kali River Rapids and noticed that the wait time for the ride was over an hour long, you could take a look at the FASTPASS distribution to learn that the passes are being issued for two hours later, but you would have little to no wait to get onto the ride.

The FASTPASS is an incredible time-saver, especially for those who have little ones with them.

Ride Share

Ride Share offers an incredible benefit for those who are traveling with small children, especially if there are varying in ages in the children in your family.

Consider if you are a family of four, with a seven year old and a one-year old baby.

Some rides are simply not going to be suitable for the baby, or the baby may be sleeping by the time you approach an attraction that your seven year old is interested in.

This is where the Ride Share comes in very useful.

Simply inform the cast members that you would like to use the Ride Share benefit and they will allow each of the parents to take turns riding on the attraction with the child who is old enough to enjoy it.

One parent can remain with the baby, while the other parent will get to enjoy taking their older child on the attraction.

Once the ride is over, the parent that remained with the baby can swap with the other parent and get to take their turn on the ride with the older child.

The Ride Share benefit can allow every member of the family to have the wonderful time that they deserve while on vacation at Walt Disney World.

Disney makes every effort to accommodate the needs and the schedules of all of the guests.

Be sure to research whether the FASTPASS system and the Ride Share system, which are available at no extra cost, will be of some benefit to your family on your next trip to Orlando.

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