Festival of the Lion King Live on Stage at Animal Kingdom

Evoking memories and often resulting in there being not a dry eye in the theatre, the Festival of the Lion King is a live performance show that captivates audience members for the entire 30 minute performance.

Combining all of the vibrant pageantry that is so very Disney, and the entertainment of an award winning Broadway number, Festival of the Lion King is one of the most popular attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Featuring some of the most beloved characters from the animated Disney classic, The Lion King, this action-filled stage production tells the tale of Simba and his pals Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, and Rafiki, to name just a few of the stars of this dazzling show.

The story is told to the audience by way of combining some of the most popular songs that were featured in the animated film with the antics of talented gymnastic performers, incredible puppetry, vibrant costumes, and the voice talents belong to a host of Disney stars.

The show opens with the vocal talents of singers dressed in brightly colored African tribal robes.

Their rousing rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” sets the tone for this highly emotional and entertaining show.

The show’s myriad of performers will encourage audience participation by way of interacting with the life-sized puppets and other performers on the four large rolling stages.

Audience members will be encouraged to belt out the words to some of their favorite songs from The Lion King, all leading up to an absolutely heart-stirring rendition of perhaps what is the most famous song from the movie; Circle of Life.

Festival of the Lion King isn’t all about heart-stirring moments.

30 Minute Performance

While those are definitely there, and they will most likely leave you blotting at your eyes, there is also a fair amount of humor and wonder injected into the half-hour performance.

With a fire dancer setting out to inspire awe, you’ll find yourself rolling with laughter at the antics of the Tumble Monkeys.

The acrobatic monkey performers will perform their part of the show to the cheerful and upbeat tune of “Hakuna Matata.”

The show does take a bit of a serious turn, as does the movie and the Broadway production, with the inclusion of a mock battle that is staged between warriors dressed in tribal garb, upon stilts.

The show is housed in a fully enclosed and air-conditioned theater that lends a rustic ambience to the performance.

Four Stages

Four large stages roll across the primary arena, while the audience members are seated in sections that are each labeled as lion, warthog, elephant, or giraffe.

Simba is shown as being seated proudly on Pride Rock, on one of the stages.

On another stage, a playful elephant sways his trunk and sprays water with glee.

The third and fourth stages are host to a beautifully designed giraffe and the jungle set where Simba’s pals Pumbaa and Timon are found.

Throughout the show, the performers will encourage audience members to behave in a manner that is representative of the animals that their sections belong to.

So don’t be surprised if you are asked to roar like a mighty lion, or trumpet like a majestic elephant at some point during the show.

Those hoping to catch this wonderful production are encouraged to arrive at the theatre a minimum of thirty minutes prior to each show time, so that they can increase their odds of grabbing a seat for this very popular attraction.

Be sure to check the show times so that you are not disappointed with a full theatre, and no more available seats.

The Tip Board located in the Discovery Island area of the Animal Kingdom theme park will provide you with the most updated show time information, as well as wait times for the attractions.

It is important to note that the Festival of the Lion King is not eligible with the Fast Pass.

Festival of the Lion King is wheelchair accessible and also offers services for those who have hearing disabilities.

The staff at Disney goes out of their way to ensure that all of their guests are able to thoroughly enjoy their experience, no matter which experience they are viewing.

Take the time to enjoy the Festival of the Lion King.

It truly is a wonderful show that is sure to be enjoyed by all ages; from the very young to the young at heart.

The wonder of Disney’s timeless classic offers a little bit of Disney magic for everyone.

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