Flower Power Concerts 2016

From March 2 to May 30, Epcot is rocking and rolling with their fun and fantastic Flower Power Concerts.

Pull out your polyester pants, midriff tops and oversized sunglasses – the ‘60’s are back.

Peace and brotherhood are here again.

The line-up is an old, (or young), hippies dream come true.

Far out!

March Performers

The kick-off group, on March 8th, is legendary Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees. Every young girl in America swooned over this upbeat group.

Help Mickey catch that “Last Train to Clarksville”.

The one and only Chubby Checkers and The Wildcats entertain over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Come on, baby, let’s do “The Twist”!

Guitar specialists, The Guess Who, take the stage March 22nd – 24th for a night of memorable hits and moods.

Best known for “American Woman”, this group defined an era of radical and ground-breaking music.

The Nelsons take the stage March 29th – 31st, remembering their dad, Ricky Nelson.

Ricky Nelson, heartthrob of a generation left an incredible legacy of songs, which his sons will revive.

April Performers

April 5th-7th, sees the unique sound of the The Turtles, featuring Flo and Eddie.

The rhythmic songs and lyrics of this group will have you dancing in the aisles.

Paul Revere and the Raiders gallop on stage April 12th -14th, promising a show of high energy and memorable songs, including hits like “Good Thing”.

The costumed Village People headline April 19th-21st. Their offbeat looks and sounds are loved by everyone. Expect to sway to “Y.M.C.A.”

April 26th -28th, trip the light fantastic with the Orchestra and remaining original members of both the Electric Light Orchestra and Electric Light Orchestra ll.

This group, with numerous hits, such as “Don’t Bring Me Down”, introduced an unusual, but refreshing, sound.

May Performers

Tommy Roe is in the spotlight May 3rd – 5th.

This dynamic performer made us “DIZZY” with his shows.

The great Peter Noone, and the amazing Herman’s Hermits, headlines on May 19th –12th.

This wacky and fun group always makes an audience smile. Herman’s Hermits had a string of hits, including “I’m Henry the Vlll, I Am”. Silly and enjoyable.

Starship, with Mickey Thomas, closes out the concert series on May 17th – 19th. This group was a game changer in American music with such songs as “We Built this City”.

Once again, Epcot Center is bringing an incredible selection of talented performers and groups to its annual Flower Power Concert series.

The time is now, so buy a ticket and boogie down.

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