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Changes Come to Food Truck Menus as Disney Rebrands Downtown Disney

Just over a year ago Disney welcomed introduced us to what is now known as ‘Food Truck Park’ located in Downtown Disney’s West Side with four food trucks featuring flavors inspired by each Walt Disney World theme park.

Since then up to four trucks can found there hawking chow to tourists and locals alike.

Local food trucks can also be found at Food Truck Park from time to time.

The mass appeal for the food truck’s delectable fares goes beyond the mouth-watering descriptions on each menu; it also speaks to the quality of food, speed of service and value for your money.

Many people have a favorite item, but it usually doesn’t suite the palate of the other 60 million folks visiting Central Florida annually.

Thankfully Disney and the food trucks that operate in Downtown Disney understand this and have been working on introducing new menu items for us all.

Chicken and Waffles Are Available

New menu items include things like Fantasy Fare’s Game Day Chicken and Waffles — Buffalo-style chicken with Sriracha maple and blue cheese sauce, served with cornbread waffles while still leaving room for favorite’s like Superstar Catering’s Turkey Sausage Meatball Sub - Served with marinara and provolone cheese and house-made chips.

If you have ever visited Los Angeles you have likely heard of Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, a meal with international buzz.

Namaste Café highlights flavors from Disney’s Animal Kingdom such as Naan & Samosas; Superstar Catering features favorites from Disney’s Hollywood Studios like a Margarita Flatbread; Fantasy Fare resembles Magic Kingdom Park goodies like a Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich and World Showcase of Flavors with Epcot tastes like the Grass-fed Beef Sliders.

As these menus are modified throughout the year so will Downtown Disney as they transition to Disney Springs continues.

You don’t want to miss anything that is currently on the menu as it may not be there on your next visit and if you try something that you absolutely love, be sure to share your feedback.

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