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Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Magic Kingdom

Aimed at older kids and adults, Disney World’s Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade Attraction takes you back to the days of the Wild West.

The attraction is held within a realistic 19th century log building and contains approximately 100 different targets spread out across a desert landscape intended to simulate an 1850 shootout in Tombstone, Arizona.

A famous frontier settlement, Tombstone embodied Wild West culture throughout the mid-to-late 1800s thanks in part to a booming silver mining industry and the string of cowboys and outlaws who passed through the town.

At the Frontier Shootin’ Arcade, you can expect to find an elaborate shooting range filled with different types of targets.

The original attraction features lead pellets, but these have been replaced by high-tech infrared lights.

Frontierland Shootin Arcade
Frontierland Shootin Arcade
Frontierland Shootin Arcade Frontierland Shootin Arcade 1 Frontierland Shootin Arcade 2 Frontierland Shootin Arcade 3 Frontierland Shootin Arcade 4 Frontierland Shootin Arcade 5 Frontierland Shootin Arcade 6


Galley Configuration

Set up in a galley configuration, you can shoot targets using toy rifles affixed at the top of a small stone wall.

As you hit the center of each infrared sensor, your target will respond with an animation.

The set includes a bank, jail, and hotel as well as a cemetery in the foreground.

The room is mostly dark and is illuminated with strategically placed colored lights.

In keeping with Disney’s nature, the targets have been designed in a whimsical fashion and smaller kids shouldn’t find it scary at all.

Hanging over the cemetery is a large bare tree that is overseen by a vulture.

To your right you’ll see cacti and additional plant life found in southern Arizona.


All targets will be designated with a red sensor and include tombstones, buildings as well as a number of targets that pop-up or move.

Pay close attention to the ground as you might find a frog hopping across the landscape or a skeleton clawing his way up from the grave.

If you look very closely to the different gravestones scattered in the foreground, you’ll probably find a few comical lines written on them.

On such gravestone reads "A carpenter trapped / When in his coffin he napped".

In addition to all the visual elements the arcade includes, there’s also a fitting soundtrack to the attraction that adds to its overall Wild West atmosphere.

As lightning flashes over Tombstone, you’ll hear the sound of thunder as well as the howl of coyotes and the chirping of crickets.

Over time, the lighting changes to simulate the passing of the day or the approach of nightfall.

The Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is a nice departure from the typical rides and experiences at Magic Kingdom.

It is not explicitly tied to any particular film and can help provide entertainment to older children and adults.

Unlike many attractions at the park, the arcade does require an extra charge.

However, just $1.00 buys you approximately 35 ‘bullets’ so it does not come at a great expense.

As far as shooting arcades go, Disney’s Frontierland is as elaborate and interactive as they get and allows you to show off your sharpshooting abilities during your visit to the Magic Kingdom.

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