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The Frozen Summer Fun at Hollywood Studios

The Frozen Summer Fun has been the hottest event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios all year!

Since its original debut, the lovable snowman Olaf has really loved his fun in the sun.

Guests have also been having an icy blast, as well, being apart of all of the Frozen-themed festivities.

Luckily, guests will not have to let go of the excitement anytime soon because Disney is extending the fun till next year.

Hopefully it will also be incorporated into the new Frozen Ride expected to open at the Normway pavilion in 2016.

Both children and adults have been enjoying this frosty event that is abundant with royal appearances and enchanted experiences.

Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome

The day begins at 11:00 a.m. with “Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome” procession.

They gracefully make their way down Hollywood Boulevard in a beautiful horse-drawn sleigh as they are followed by a flurry of ice cutters, skiers, skaters and Kristoff is even coming along for all of the wintry fun too.

Frozen Procession
Frozen Procession
Frozen Procession 1 Frozen Procession 2 Frozen Procession 3 Frozen Procession 4 Frozen Procession 5 Frozen Procession 6 Frozen Procession 7

Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Guests can cool off by heading to the Premier Theater where For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration will take place.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna will join the royal historians of Arendelle for a 20-minute comedic retelling of the history of their magical kingdom.

The special show will showcase an array of special effects and sing-along moments that will have the entire family singing along!

Oaken’s Frozen Funland

Tread your way to Soundstage One for “Oaken’s Frozen Funland” which features a plethora of activities such as snowman building and ice-skating.

During all of the festivities, don’t forget to pick your take-a-long Olaf so he can tag along with you and the family!

Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #OlafSummerVacation.

Frozen Fireworks Spectacular

When the day is over, visitors can make their way to Sorcerer’s Hat Icon Stage for the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular.

The amazing fireworks display is set to the chart-topping hits of the Frozen album.

Elsa, Anna, Kris off and Olaf come together for this awe-inspiring grand finale.

You won’t want to miss this summer’s icy blowout!

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