Habit Heroes an Educational Epcot Attraction

Entertainment with educational merit makes Habit Heroes a great Epcot attraction for the whole family.

The attraction strives to teach kids of all ages just how very important it is to break free from the unhealthy habits that can contribute to an unhappy lifestyle.

When guests arrive at the Habit Heroes attraction, a host will lead 12 guests at a time through the interactive attraction that is an impressive 4,700 square-feet in size.

The guests will go through several rooms and phases of this interactive exhibit.

Quench, Dynamo, and Fuel

In the first room, the 12 new recruits will meet with Director Jin and her three agents who are named Quench, Dynamo, and Fuel.

This 16 minute long part of the attraction will tell the new recruits what their mission is and how they can defeat the enemies of dehydration, inactivity, and poor nutrition.

Guests will use advanced motion tracking technology that will sense all of their movements while they set out to get rid of the enemies and bad habits.

Scorchers, Sappers and Blocker Bots

The Scorchers are wildly animated flames that will leave you parched, but they can be blasted with water.

The Sappers are animated boulders that set out to weigh you down and sap all of your energy, but they can be blasted with activity.

The Blocker Bots are monsters with multiple arms that set out to keep you from healthier food choices, but they can be defeated with fruits and vegetables.

Habit Heroes offers plenty of fun for the whole family, with a nice healthy lifestyle message that is aimed at reminding us all of the benefits of eating well, staying active, and drinking plenty of fresh water!

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