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The Hall of Presidents Attraction at Magic Kingdom

The Hall of Presidents Attraction at Disney World's Magic Kingdom is a fascinating introduction to the most important figures in the history of the United States of America.

This state-of-the-art multimedia presentation features all 44 Presidents of the United States.

Each President delivers his own personal speech, powered by Disney's unique Audio-Animatronic technology for wonderfully lifelike movement.

Liberty Square

The Hall of Presidents is the main attraction of the colonial-themed Liberty Square, which is one of the seven main areas of the Magic Kingdom.

Liberty Square as a whole is a carefully crafted adventure through the history and geography of the United States of America.

The journey begins at the Haunted Mansion which has a late 17th century East-Coast style, and ends at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which is built in the style of late 19th century California.

You will notice that this theme is continued with the Hall of Presidents: This attraction takes you on a journey through American history, much like Liberty Square as a whole.

Opened on the 1st of October 1971, The Hall of Presidents is as old as the Magic Kingdom itself.

Colonial Design

The unique colonial design of the Liberty Square land combined with the one-of-a-kind presentation in the Hall of Presidents itself has sustained the attraction's popularity over the years, while many lesser attractions have been removed.

In fact, The Hall of Presidents was recently renovated following the historic 2008 presidential elections.

Naturally, President Barack Obama is one of the main new features, along with a new score for the whole presentation composed by award-winning Joel McNeely.

As you walk into The Hall of Presidents building, you will notice a distinct colonial style to the architecture.

The Independence Hall in Philadelphia inspired the design, which is where the Constitutional Convention was signed in 1787

You will see the number 1787 written at the top of the building in large golden letters.

The show itself is something quite special.

Educational Tour

It is more than a simple presentation; it is educational enough to leave you with a full picture of the complex history of the United States, but it is also inspiring enough to keep your children captivated throughout the entire 20 minutes.

The show begins with an overview of the USA's history, constitution and American Revolutionary War, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman, whose familiar, deep voice definitely adds to the gravity and inspiring nature of the show.

Meet the Presidents

The film then leads into a monologue by President Abraham Lincoln; the first thing you will notice is how realistic the model of President Lincoln looks both in terms of initial design and its movements.

Disney's Audio-Animatronic technology has come a long way since it was first used in 1961.

Lincoln's speech is then followed by a narrated image slideshow of a variety of past Presidents.

Then comes the finale presentation of all 44 Presidents of the United States, each of whom is a unique, full-sized, astonishingly lifelike Audio-Animatronic model.

And now, after the 2009 renovation of the Hall of Presidents, Barack Obama makes a moving speech to finish it all off.

When you go to Disney World Magic Kingdom, you might think of lightning-fast roller coasters like Space Mountain, but there is a lot more to Magic Kingdom than that.

The undisputed success of The Hall of Presidents, along with Liberty Square as a whole, is proof that capturing the mind is just as effective as the physical thrills of being whizzed around on a rollercoaster.

Indeed, the entire Magic Kingdom Park focuses far more on the aesthetic side of things, in order to captivate a child's imagination and make it an unforgettable experience.

Other more traditional theme parks are unable to match the Disney approach, and this is why Magic Kingdom has ranked #1 in worldwide theme park attendance figures for the last five years in a row.

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