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Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom

Africa is expanding. Well, not the actual continent of Africa, but the area in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Harambe Market has recently opened as the area’s new shopping, eating’s and cooling off center.

You can find it near the Kilimanjaro Safaris exit and also the area with the drumming on the pathway that now leads you to Asia.

Shopping, Eating and Cooling off Center

When research and development for this project was underway it was made clear that the goal was to make this market look and feel as though you were in Africa.

In order to get the area to feel as close to the real thing as possible Disney sent a team of Imagineers to Africa to get a firsthand feel for African marketplaces.

You will find bright colors and rustic feeling storefronts in this new area.

The work done to make this feel like Africa is very convincing.

All of the props for the market were purchased in Africa.

Inside the Market

There is seating for 220 in this new location.

Tables and chairs will have shade structures and fans.

This will keep it cool, especially during the summer in Africa.

Stop in for the breeze, stay for the food.

Street-style food hawkers are common in Africa, here at Animal Kingdom will find the next best thing.

Counter-service food options are available here and they are modeled after exotic foods – with there own Africanized spin on them.

In lieu of a standard American corn dog you will find hints of curry and other spices.

The hot dog used to create the corn dog is also a uniquely blended South African bratwurst.

There are a number of foods and beverage options to choose from and they all have a unique story about how they became a part of African cuisine.

From the train depot style market you see the Wildlife Express Train pass.

The Harambe platform will also serve as a home base for live entertainment.

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