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Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

If you’re at Disney World and looking for an attraction with a little spook factor, then look no further than the Haunted Mansion.

As one of the park’s most elaborate and visited rides, it’s been on the receiving end of several refurbishments and updates over the past few years .

Located in Liberty Square, Disney World’s Haunted Mansion was built in the style of an 18th Dutch Gothic mansion and is surrounded by stately oak trees covered with spanish moss.

From the exterior, the mansion would fit right into a Hollywood horror film.

Greatly inspired by the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose, California, the Haunted Mansion is allegedly home to 999 ghosts and spirits.

Before entering the home, you’ll most likely find yourself in the line which snakes through its front yard.

Here, you’ll run into one of the attraction’s latest innovations known as the interactive queue.

Instead of enduring a long wait, the whole family will be able to engage in their very own murder mystery or puzzle before entering the ride.

These interactive elements are all hands on and are part of a series of new upgrades to Disney World as a whole.

Spooky Ride

In order to tour the mansion, you’ll first have to step into a ‘doom buggy’, which will give you a front row seat to the ghosts and ghouls ahead.

The ride gets off to a spooky start as the train of doom buggies are plunged into darkness down a narrow corridor and the sound of voices coming from all corners of the room get louder and louder.

Guided by a narrator, the doom buggies are taken through several different rooms of the house and are introduced to various different ghosts, spirits and skeletons.

The entire mansion is shrouded in darkness with the exception of a few dim light fixtures that add an ominous glow to the space.

The mansion starts out relatively intact, with its wallpaper, artwork and furnishings well-maintained.

However, as you delve deeper into its core you’ll notice that things have begun to fall apart.

Cobwebs cover chandeliers and food lies rotting on tables.

As a part of the attraction’s storyline, the mansion is inhabited by a spirit medium name Madame Leota.

Using her powers, she encourages all of the mansion’s ghostly residents to make themselves known.

Ghosts and spirits come in the form of voices, holograms and animatronics.

Elements of the home give way to optical illusions.

In one situation, you’re left trapped in a room with no windows or doors.

The Haunted Mansion offers you and your family all the fun of a spooky ride without the terror and gore of other haunted houses.

The ride is suitable for children of any age or height, and according to Disney, is ‘more merry than scary’.

Younger children will be thrilled at the opportunity to be able to ride on such an elaborate attraction while older children and adults will appreciate the ride’s narration and effects.

In total, the ride offers approximately 10 minutes of wholesome scares.

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