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Hollywood Boulevard Area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Lined with boutiques, Hollywood Boulevard serves as the entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Stroll through the Golden Age of Hollywood as you enjoy shopping, dining at the
Brown Derby, and Hollywood Studio’s daily parades!

Restaurant serves mouthwatering steaks, seafood, chicken, the famous Brown Derby Cobb Salad, and more.

Venue is an excellent place to watch the Fantasmic evening pyrotechnic show.

At the end of the Boulevard, tucked behind Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat, you’ll be able to board The Great Movie Ride and journey into the movies!

Hollywood Boulevard

Shopping on Hollywood Boulevard

  • Celebrity 5 & 10 – Disney souvenirs and merchandise.
  • Cover Story – Get your picture on the cover of a magazine!
  • Crossroads of the World – Small souvenirs, autograph books, and disposable cameras.
  • The Darkroom – Camera, film developing, and camera accessories.
  • Edith & Adrian’s Head to Toe – Personalized Disney merchandise.
  • Keystone Clothiers – Upscale clothing.
  • L.A. Prop Cinema Storage – Children’s clothing.
  • Mickey’s of Hollywood – Disney character merchandise.
  • Oscar’s Classic Car Souvenirs – NASCAR merchandise and locker rental.
  • Sid Cahuenga’s One of a Kind – Authentic collectible movie memorabilia.
  • Sorcerer Hat Shop – Gifts and Disney pins.
  • Sweet Success – Chocolate, candy, personalized embroidery and engravings.

Fun Facts

When the park opened in 1989, the replica of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre housing The Great Movie Ride was the park’s iconic landmark.

In 2001, after rumored legal trouble, the theatre was blocked from view by the giant replica of Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat, which has since become the symbol of the park.

Prior to the construction of Sunset Boulevard and the Sorcerer’s Hat, the plaza at the end of Hollywood Boulevard served as the center of a giant hidden Mickey in the park’s layout.

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