Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT With Figment

Imagination! is a pavilion located at the top right border of Future World at EPCOT.

It was conceived as a celebration of the capacity of the human mind for dreaming and imagination.

The Imagination! building itself is a striking glass pyramid, towering high above the ground and visible from a great distance.

In addition to the spectacular pyramid itself, the surrounding exterior of the pavilion features a number of awe-inspiring features such as jumping fountains and a waterfall.

The Imagination! pavilion was opened on the 1st of October, 1982.

The Pavilions Evolution

At that time, it had only one attraction, Magic Journeys, which was a 3D first-person view of the world from the perspective of a growing child.

Magic Journeys closed 4 years after its opening in 1986, and since then Imagination! has been an ever-changing pavilion boasting a regular influx of new attractions over the years.

In 1983, a new attraction known as Journey Into Imagination was added to the pavilion.

This attraction inspired the naming of the pavilion to the same name.

Prior to this, the pavilion did not have any name at all.

The Journey Into Imagination attraction was so complex it required sponsorship from leading photography brand Kodak.

However, the expense and effort was certainly worth it, as visitors to EPCOT were enthralled by the unique and intricate dark ride.

In fact, the ride grew to be even more popular than Spaceship Earth, the focal point of the entire park.


At the same time as Journey Into Imagination was opened, the attraction ImageWorks was opened.

ImageWorks was an attraction that allowed visitors to stretch the boundaries of the imagination with various interactive scenarios, including kaleidoscopes, laser beams, rainbow corridors, mirages, optical illusions and many more.

ImageWorks is still present today and was refurbished in 1998 with new features with an emphasis on music and melody creation.

The extremely popular Journey Into Imagination attraction, on the other hand, was proving far too expensive to maintain.

The brilliance and complexity of the ride impressed visitors, but running costs were very high.


Sponsor Kodak proposed a new design to the attraction with the aim of building an equally impressive attraction with much lower maintenance costs.

In 1998, the pavilion was closed for renovations.

A year later on re-opening it was renamed to Imagination! and the Journey Into Imagination attraction was renamed to Journey Into YOUR Imagination.

The new attraction was not well received, and Disney acted quickly, closing the attraction for renovations in 2001.

A year later, the attraction re-opened as Journey Into Imagination with Figment, with a focus on the impact of our five senses on our imagination.

The attraction proved to be a major hit, and has remained the same since.

Captain EO

The third and final attraction present in the Imagination! pavilion today is Captain EO, a hugely expensive space adventure film starring Michael Jackson, directed by George Lucas of Star Wars fame.

Opened in 1986, the attraction was closed by the summer of '94, and re-opened following Jackson's death in 2010.

Other former attractions in the Imagination! pavilion include Makin' Memories and Honey I Shrunk the Audience, which was closed as recently as May, 2010.

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