Innoventions Interactive Museum at Epcot

The Innoventions attraction at EPCOT is an interactive museum dedicated to the major technological advancements and scientific achievements of mankind.

It is one of the newer attractions, having opened in September 1994.

Given its focus on technology, it is no surprise that Innoventions is located in the Futureworld land, just ahead of the iconic Spaceship Earth, near the entrance of EPCOT.

Innoventions is one of the first attractions visitors tend to visit, and it is quite fitting as an introduction to the EPCOT park as a whole, because it takes you on a comprehensive, and interactive journey through cutting-edge technology of today and possible technology of the future.

The Innovations pavilion is split into two sections, known as Innovations East and Innovations West.

The area of both east and west buildings combined is just over 9,000 square feet.

The large size of the museum is due to the long list of exhibits on display.

11 Exhibits

Today, there are 11 exhibits available in total, and over the years there have been nearly 50 exhibits, many of which are inspired by the newest technological advancements of leading companies.

These exhibits naturally change over time as new advancements in technology emerge at a lightning fast pace.

For example, back in 1994 when the Sega Genesis was at the height of its popularity, Innoventions quite rightly featured Sega Genesis exhibit, but it only took a few short years for new consoles to come on to the market and in 1999, the Sega Genesis exhibit was closed.

Thus, you could say that Innoventions is an attraction which is constantly being renovated and reinvented: It is a very tiring job to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology, but ever since its opening in 1994, the Imagineers at EPCOT have managed it admirably.

Notable Names

Some of the most notable names that have featured in Innoventions over the year are: General Electric, Motorola, AT&T and IBM.

At the same time, individual exhibits are sponsored by big names in order to gain valuable exposure and a famous place in one of the most unique museums in the world.

Sponsors include: Compaq, Motorola, General Motors, Cornell University, Xerox and many more.

With 11 current exhibits to choose from, you will find it very difficult to choose which one to pay attention to.

Underwriters Labs & Take A Nanooze Break Exhibits

You can smash, slam and drop Underwriters Labs products to test just how strong they are, or if you're not in the mood for destruction, you can investigate green technology and how to protect the environment.

Alternatively, you can visit the Take A Nanooze Break exhibit and see the molecules that form the things we all take for granted.

You can also investigate nanotechnology and discover how mastery of the very small can lead to astounding advancements in technology.

However, if you're a typical ride junkie, Innoventions has something for you as well.

The Sum of All Thrills is a one-of-a-kind virtual ride that actually lets you design the ride you take.

You can customize basic properties of the ride such as height and speed, and you're also able to add extra pieces to the ride as you wish.

For example, you can add drops as well as corkscrews.

Innovations is a vibrant and diverse pavilion that gives the word 'museum' an entirely different meaning.

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