It's Tough to be a Bug! Animal Kingdom Attration

With a bit of humor and the magic of special effects that Disney is so well-known for, the It’s Tough to Be a Bug attraction provides the audience an insight into the world of bugs.

With the idea that insects should not be viewed as pests, but should rather be embraced as friends, this attraction is hosted by Flik, who is a character from the animated movie A Bug’s Life.

A short 8-9 minute film, this attraction can be found at both Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Disney California Adventure theme park.

In the Animal Kingdom theme park, the Bug’s Life theatre can be found inside of the majestic and awe-inspiring Tree of Life.

Be sure to take a closer look at what first appears to be gnarled bark on the tree, for intricately carved designs that aren’t visible from any other vantage point.

The line for the show winds around the beautifully designed tree, and the pre-show area injects a bit of humor with posters that include some of the bugs from the show, as well as parodies of famous Broadway shows; for example, My Fair Ladybug, and Beauty and the Bees.

3D Bug Glasses

Prior to taking your seat, you will be handed a pair of 3D glasses (bug glasses) to wear during the short film so that all of the 3D effects will be visible to you.

With the character Flik, who is an ant, narrating the show, a number of other bug characters are introduced to the audience.

From a Chilean Tarantula by the name of Chili to a gas-passing stink bug by the name of Claire de Room, this 3D movie features a way to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most beautiful and also most fearsome bugs.

While there are warning signs posted outside of the theatre, it is important to note that you should use your best judgment when it comes to allowing small children to view this attraction.

The waiting area is cramped and dimly lit, which itself can be frightening to children.

Movie Features

The movie features several large spiders, hairy bugs, and also has several scenes that could be considered intense for those who are sensitive.

There are also a number of special effects and loud booming noises that have been said to be a bit scary for small children, and other sensitive individuals.

The wait time for the attraction is rarely over thirty minutes, which means that it is a nice quick attraction to get into.

Assistive listening devices can be used during the film, which ensures that everyone in the family is able to thoroughly enjoy this feature.

It’s Tough to Be a Bug can be a little bit intense and a little bit too realistic for some sensitive young children, so it is always best to use your own judgment and knowledge of just what your child might consider to be too frightening.

If your younger children are too scared of the film, and you find yourself having to leave before it concludes, you may find that it is much more relaxing if you wait for other members of the family while you take in the beautiful carvings on the Tree of Life.

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