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Itís a Small World Ride at Magic Kingdom

Few rides at Disney World can boast a history as rich as it’s a small world.

Built from a concept originally devised for the 1964 New York World’s Fair in conjunction with Pepsi, it focused heavily on global peace during a very volatile time in international relations.

Following overwhelming success in New York and a subsequent installation at Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom in Florida got its very own it’s a small world attraction in 1971.

The iconic ride has received several major updates in recent years and now features state-of-the-art lighting and sound.

Nevertheless, it still retains the same hopeful message of peace and unity that we can all appreciate.

It’s a small world is located within Fantasyland at Disney World and features a whimsical castle facade.

The attraction’s colorful outdoor trimmings provide just a taste of what’s to come.

Global Boat Ride

Inside, you step into a boat that navigates along a calm canal through the duration of the ride.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to an imaginative tour of the world, its people and major landmarks.

People are represented as animatronic dolls dressed in traditional attire, while landmarks are recreated using a mix of color blocks and lighting.

In the background, you’ll hear a familiar rendition of ‘it’s a small world’.

Visit Europe

The ride starts off in Europe and you’ll quickly recognize buildings such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge alongside dolls dressed as a king, queen and royal guards in their distinct tall black hats.

On the opposite side of the canal stands the Eiffel Tower, dancing figurines and other imagery reminiscent of France.

Soon, you’ll reach the spinning windmills and twittering coo coo clocks of Holland and Germany before passing under the ride’s first bridge just beyond the Alps.

Tour Asia

Emerging from the bridge, you’re suddenly transported to Asia.

This part of the ride features traditional Thai dancers dressed in native clothing, the Taj Majal and scenes from China.

Passing under a Japanese pagoda, you’ll soon catch a glimpse of a dancing sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt before reaching the jungles of Africa.

From the African continent, you’re transported to the Americas where you’ll encounter cowboys and traditional Mexican dancers before reaching Hawaii and the tropics.

300 Characters

In total, it’s a small world contains more than 300 characters.

Each has been painstakingly adorned in traditional clothing to represent different countries.

Coming together as children of the world, they dance and sing in unison to represent global peace.

Though the attraction has been updated to include modern sound and lighting, it still retains much of the same animatronics and design as when it was first installed in 1971.

It’s a small world is open to children of all ages and provides a wonderful and colorful introduction to many of the globe’s different people and cultures.

Nearly 50 years after its initial concept was developed, it’s a small world still manages to put a smile on your face.

Sometimes the simplest messages are the most heartfelt.

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