At Epcot’s Japan Pavilion You'll See Japanese Culture on Display

A red torii gate and elegant pagoda welcome you to Epcot’s Japan Pavilion, a courtyard filled with gardens, reflecting pools, delicious Japanese cuisine and lots of shopping!

This Pavilion will introduce you to both traditional and modern Japanese culture so be sure to take your time while exploring this area and take in as much as possible during your visit to the World Showcase!


Bijutsu-kan is a seasonally changing collection of Japanese art and cultural artifacts.

Miyuki is a live demonstrations of the art of Amezaiku (candy making) by artist Miyuki.

There are over a dozen Japanese candy artists, but Miyuki is the only woman.

Matsuriza are traditional Taiko drummers and storytellers at the base of the Pavilions pagoda.


The Japan Pavilion at Epcot features lots of traditional architecture. The pagoda and other structures are almost identical to what you will find in Japan. #JapanPavilion #Epcot
The Japan Pavilion at Epcot features lots of traditional architecture. The pagoda and other structures are almost identical to what you will find in Japan. #JapanPavilion #Epcot
At the Japan Pavilion you will find a large, open area between buildings. This also give the buildings in this pavilion a larger feel. #JapanPavilion #Epcot Time some time to relax at one of the gardens. The rock gardens are maintained by Buddhist priests. #JapanPavilion #Epcot In the Japan Pavilion you will find that many lanterns, which are common in Japan. There are Bonbori lanterns that adorn many of the building at Epcot. #JapanPavilion #Epcot Take a few moments to relax near the Koi pond and watch this large, colorful fish glide through the tranquil waters. #JapanPavilion #Epcot Inside the Shishinden, which is generally known as a ceremonial hall, you can select you own live oyster and take home a gorgeous pearl. #JapanPavilion #Epcot A castle most serves as an entrance/exit to the Mitsukoshi store at Epcot's Japan Pavilion. #JapanPavilion #Epcot The five-story pagoda you see at the Japan Pavilion is a replica of the Goju-no-to pagoda which is in Ikaruga, Japan. Each level represents an element, which Buddhists believe the universe was created with. They are Earth, Fire, Sky, Water and Wind. #JapanPavilion #Epcot Inside the Mitsukoshi department store there is a museum called the Bikutsu-kan. The name of the museum translates to 'art sensitive' and the works here feature storied throughout the ages. There are manga, anime and traditional stories depicted here. #JapanPavilion #Epcot Kit Kats! Try something different while you are visiting the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. The candies you find here aren't traditionally found in other stores around the world. Green tea Kit Kat bars and white chocolate Crunch bars will awaken your sweet tooth. #JapanPavilion #Epcot If you have an interest in Japanese swords you will find that there are a number of them available for purchase at the Mitsukoshi store. #JapanPavilion #Epcot Inside the Mitsukoshi store you will find a number of delicious, Japanese items. Soups, sake, wine and candies can all be found here. #JapanPavilion #Epcot As you pass over the castle moat at the Japan Pavilion you will notice that it is being guarded by warriors on horseback, which is depicted in large statues. #JapanPavilion #Epcot The cast members at the Japan Pavilion wear traditional attire. They are also very resourceful and can help you find any information about the pavilion or parks that you need, including cold beverages! #JapanPavilion #Epcot Stop by the Garden House (seen on the left) for some cold sake and then find a spot near the Koi pond to relax with friends before the Matsuriza performance. #JapanPavilion #Epcot The Matsuriza performance takes place along the first level of the Goju-no-tu pagoda. These Taiko drummers perform throughout the day. #JapanPavilion #Epcot



Teppan Edo is an upscale upscale Japanese dining. Admire the culinary feats of Teppan's chefs as they prepare your meal right at your table!

Tokyo Dining is a traditional Japanese eatery with a sleek, modern setting.

Katsura Grill is a quick service restaurant that offers sushi, tempura, teriyaki, and many other Japanese favorites served in a cozy restaurant on the hill.

The Kabuki Cafe is a quick service restaurant that offers sushi, kakigori, miso, tea, sake, and snacks.


Mitsukoshi department store is the World Showcase’s largest shop.

Here you will find thousands of Japanese items ranging from clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, and accessories, to toys, DVDs, anime merchandise, books, and manga!

The shop also includes hundreds of popular food and drink items imported from Japan, including candies, cookies, teas, and sake.

Have you ever had a Japanese Kit Kat bar? If not, here is your chance.

You can also Pick-A-Pearl from a live freshwater oyster.

For under $20 you can choose from any of the oysters in the tank and then be treated to a cute performance that ends with you walking away with a gorgeous, real pearl.

If you are lucky you may even find a silver pearl inside the shell.

Fun Facts

The Japan Pavilion is home to the only Mitsukoshi department store in North America.

The blue-roofed pagoda is a replica of the 7th century Hoyuji Temple.

Each of the five (5) levels represent the elements that Buddhists believe all things are created from: earth, fire, water, wind and sky.

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