Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Get ready to get soaked when you launch onto the Kali River Rapids attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Located in the Asia section of the theme park, this turbulent river is sure to be a lot of fun for everyone.

The Kali River Rapids ride is based on a theme that surrounds the turmoil and danger caused by illegal logging and the queuing area tells tales that have a heavy conservation undertone, which not only prepares you for the wild ride, but also serves to educate park guests.

With a lush forest setting, you’ll be transported into the jungle for a river rapid expedition like no other.

Once guests make their way through the turnstiles, they arrive on a large yellow floating platform that also rotates and moves at the same speed as the approaching rafts do.


From the platform, guests will step straight into a raft, fasten their seatbelts and take off for a ride that they won’t soon forget.

Each of the rafts sits up to 12 people.

This can be a lot of fun to enjoy the ride with the whole family or with your entire group of friends.

The raft will head upwards, passing through a lush green forest setting, and then down a small fall.

With the heady scents of jasmine and the cooling mists of the impressive waterfall that you pass by blowing on you, you could almost forget that you are about to embark on a wild river ride.

Passing through the lush forest, the ride takes adventurers through a section of the forest that has been damaged by illegal loggers.

To the sound of chainsaws, you’ll see roaring fires and scorched trees on the river banks, as the raft starts to pick up speed and move through much more turbulent waters!

The sounds of wild jungle beasts greet you as your raft speeds through the jungle.

This ride offers great fun for all who are tall enough to ride on it.

Children must be over 38 inches in height in order to qualify to ride on the Kali River Rapids rafts.

While the ride does take guests up several inclines and then down a few rapids, it is not at all frightening.

Wet Ride

The drops that guests will experience are very minimal, and they only serve the purpose to make sure as many people get soaked as possible.

It is very important to note that you will absolutely get wet on this ride.

You could wear a poncho to protect your clothing, but your feet, shoes, and your personal belongings are going to still get soaked.

The ride does offer a plastic zippered compartment for storage of personal belongings that you don’t want to risk getting wet, but many guests find it a better option to take turns on the ride, while their companions wait with their belongings.

A small trash bag to pop your items into, and then stash into the compartment might help to protect your items.

If you manage to somehow remain dry during the ride through the rapids, you are likely to get soaked courtesy of other park guests spraying you with elephant water cannons from an overhead bridge.


The Kali River Rapids attraction offers the FASTPASS, which will allow you to bypass the others who are waiting in line.

The FASTPASS can be a good choice, especially when you consider the popularity of this soaking wild ride.

The hot summer months see a surge in popularity for this ride, as it is a good way to cool down while still having a grand adventure.

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