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Liberty Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom

The Riverboat at Liberty Square continues the American colonial theme of this area of Magic Kingdom.

The size of the attraction is quite considerable and is similar to The Jungle Cruise in surface area.

The Liberty Belle boat itself is, quite unsurprisingly, a very large vessel.

Its design is based on the traditional Mississippi paddlewheel, a very popular steam-powered boat that was very popular along many American rivers in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The first Liberty Belle was used for only 2 years after the opening of Magic Kingdom in 1971, while the second and current riverboat has been in use since the summer of 1973, although its name was changed in 1996 from the Richard F. Irvine Riverboat to the Liberty Belle, along with substantial renovations at the same time.

Further refurbishments were performed from 2005 to 2006, and this boat is the Liberty Belle, visitors to Magic Kingdom know and love today.

The Liberty Belle is not your average artificial theme park boat.

It is a genuine reconstruction of a 19th century paddlewheel riverboat.

It features a live steam engine that drives the large wheel at the rear of the boat.

There are three tiers for you to relax on, all surrounded by white wooden railings that were characteristic of the most elegant boats and houses of the American South in the 19th century.

Relaxing Boat Tour

So after a long day of thrills in Magic Kingdom, you can choose to relax on the lower tier nearest to the water, or you can go right to the top of the boat if you would prefer to enjoy the views of the surrounding Liberty Square, Tom Sawyer Island and the impressive Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

One of the main appeals of The Liberty Square Riverboat is its ability to relax tired legs while providing inspiring views of the surrounding areas and attractions.

However, The Liberty Square Riverboat is much more than a tool for relaxation.

Much like the entire Liberty Square as a whole, The Liberty Square Riverboat makes you feel as if you have gone back in time, and that is what is truly magical about it.

As you board the Liberty Belle, you will immediately be greeted by a narration of your destinations as you wind along the Rivers of America around Tom Sawyer Island.

The ride lasts for approximately 17 minutes, so it is short enough to remain a novelty, but long enough for you to soak in the unique paddlewheel riverboat experience.

Not only will you marvel at the 300 plus capacity riverboat itself, you will also be dazzled by the scenery you encounter along your journey, including native American villagers, animals, cabins and the famous Haunted Mansion.

The Liberty Square Riverboat is perfect for families to relax together.

The high capacity of the Liberty Belle means that you can all jump on together, and queues are practically non-existent for this attraction.

A 17-minute ride on the Liberty Belle is the perfect completion to the enthralling journey through American history that is Liberty Square.

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