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Mad Tea Party Attraction at Disney World

the Mad Tea Party attraction at Disney World is a colorful and whimsical ride suitable for children of all ages. It was inspired by the famous ‘unbirthday party’ scene from Disney’s classic film Alice in Wonderland.

Walt Disney cited Alice in Wonderland as one of his favorite childhood tales, so it’s no wonder that the character of Alice appeared in some of his first cartoons.

By 1951, the full-length feature film Alice in Wonderland was released and its unbirthday party scene was immortalized a few years later when the Mad Tea Party ride opened in Disneyland.

Over 50 years later, the ride is one of the few that is featured in all of Disney’s theme parks and has been a part of Disney World since its opening in 1971.

Family Favorite

Today, the Mad Tea Party attraction in the Magic Kingdom is a favorite with visitors of all ages.

Located in Fantasyland, it can be recognized from a distance thanks to its bright pastel colors and topiaries in the shape of characters from the film.

As the ride lasts about two minutes and has a fairly large capacity, the lines to the Mad Tea Party are generally fast moving.

Giant Teacup

Once you reach the front of the line, you’ll be able to climb into a giant teacup that can seat up to four family members.

Each teacup features its own color scheme and unique patterning.

As the ride begins, you’ll soon find yourself twirling and spinning around a giant central teapot as music plays in the background.

At the center of your teacup there will be a wheel, which you can operate to control the speed of your spinning.

The faster you spin the more the colors surrounding you will begin to swirl to make for an even more dizzying experience.

The ride has been repainted several times in its history and now features bright pastels everywhere.

Aside from the teacups themselves, take note of the spinning ground below you as well as up at the ceiling which features colorful paper lanterns.


In keeping with both the film and original book, the ride’s construction mimics the aesthetic of Victorian England.

The pavilion built over the teacups feature ornamental wrought ironwork painted in a deep pink, while the ticket booth and waiting area were also designed in accordance to the book’s original time period, and include deep sloping roofs along with artful trim.

As one of Magic Kindom original rides, the Mad Tea Party offers wholesome family entertainment.

Few rides offer such a large seating capacity per carriage, with each teacup including enough space for four riders.

Fans of Alice and Wonderland will not want to miss out on the opportunity to relive the famous scene from the movie.

Dazzyling and delighting families for over 40 years, a ride on the Mad Tea Party will leave you feeling like the Mad Hatter yourself as you exit the ride.

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