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Magic Kingdom Year Round Parades

Parades are the favorite entertainment event of Disney World for many visitors.

With toe tapping, energetic, contemporary music, parades have become the focal point of the day.

Magic Kingdom Parades are spectacular.

At least two parades occur daily, one mid-afternoon, the second a glamorous and unforgettable evening extravaganza.

These parades are composed of grand floats, dancers and beloved Disney characters, all moving to synchronized beats and music.

These parades, like all great theater productions, are timed to the minute.

All along the parade route, second story windows automatically open and close allowing speakers to match their music to the float passing by.

The special effects created by this supreme attention to detail are second to none.

The route is the same for each parade, but may be reversed directions.

Parade Route

They either start from the Town Square and end at Fontierland or begin at Fontierland and end at the Town Square.

Due to their popularity, crowds can begin to stake out viewing spots as much as two hours before the event.

First time guests are advised to keep this fact in mind or they may risk being too far back in a crowd to see the show.

The parades last under thirty minutes, but will disrupt foot traffic.

So, if a visitor does not want to see these extraordinary events, but does want to ride a certain roller coaster or eat at a particular restaurant, some pre-parade knowledge is advised.

One will not be able to cross the street while the floats are in progress.

Celebrate A Dream Come True is the current title and theme of the afternoon parade.

Disney Characters

With inspirational words and lyrics, this jazzy, upbeat parade sets a tone of “anything is possible” and is filled with favorite Disney characters that have gone from rags to riches, refused to be defeated, or inspired the timid to reach for the stars.

Some of those memorable characters include Mickey and Minnie, who lead the floats, lovely Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs, a flying Peter Pan and the vengeful Captain Hook, curious Alice in Wonderland and the hapless Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins and the dancing chimney sweeps, Cinderella and Prince Charming in the glass carriage, the dark haired Beauty beside her Beast and many more.

These charming, classic characters will be just as thrilled to see you as you will be to greet them.

This parade starts at Town Square and ends at Frontierland.

Main Street Electrical Parade

After dark, the Main Street Electrical Parade outshines all others.

This exceptionally high-tech parade is full of intense color and new-age, snappy music.

Led by Tinker Bell, waving her fairy dust over the crowd and parade route, this is a show of unbelievable special effects and LED lights.

The floats and dancers literally glitter.

All the favorite Disney characters show up for this parade, as usual.

Lit up, they become truly magical and unforgettable.

Cinderella’s pumpkin shaped carriage in outrageous colors is something one must experience to believe.

More favored animated characters are featured in the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Other items that are featured in Disney’s stories float before you: Big Ben -- London’s famous clock, the Little Train “that could” toots, toadstools, stars, bumblebees, snails and centipedes all twist, twirl, turn or fly in blazing colors.

This is a parade that out-shines and out-shimmers all others.

There is simply nothing else that matches.

Do yourself and family a favor and go.

See it once and relive it forever.

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