Maharajah Jungle Trek Attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Maharajah Jungle Trek offers a glimpse into some of the wonders that nature has to offer, from Southeast Asia.

This self-guided tour is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and it swiftly transports guests into a whole new world of mysticism and adventure.

Home to an array of exotic creatures, this wild attraction offers a little bit of something for every jungle explorer.

The Maharajah Jungle Trek is a themed trail that takes you through an enclosed forest, within the Kingdom of Anandapur.

The Maharajahs

The story surrounding this attraction is told as if the adventure trail was once the location of hunting grounds for a very wealthy Maharajah, who was unfortunately killed in a hunting accident.

The story continues by telling of later generations of Maharajas who set out to transform their section of the jungle into a nature preserve; in which the villagers live in perfect harmony with the wild animals that also call the jungle their home.

The tale goes on to tell guests of the forest having once been run by British imperials, which is what will account for the English spelling of the signs on the trail.

It is said that when the British imperials ended their occupation of this southern region of Asia, they returned the forest back to the villagers of Anandapur; the villagers and their stories are encountered along the trail.

Animal Encounters

The story of themed trail also pays homage to the Kingdom of Anandapur’s founder, Anantah, by way of adding a tomb and beautifully decorated sarcophagus.

This section of the tour is located at the entrance of the aviary found on the Jungle Trek.

There are a number of animals that can be found along the Maharajah Jungle Trek, all of whom are native to Asia.

It is important to note that some of the animals may not be on display if they are feeling under the weather, or perhaps just need a rest.

Some of the animals that explorers may discover along their journey could include the fearsome Komodo dragon, the graceful and endangered Asian tiger, the Rodrigues fruit bat, Elds Deer, Gibbons, the Tapir, the impressively scary Blood Python, and over 50 species of birds, which can be found in the vibrant aviary.

For those who may have an aversion to bats, it should be noted that there are parts of the display where the bats are not behind glass; they are free to fly where they want, at will.

This is primarily because the bats have zero interest in interacting with human guests.

Underneath a canopy of lush trees, you’ll follow a trail that will let you view an incredible array of wild animals in as close to their natural habitat as can be.

Sky-High Bridges & Cascading Waterfalls

With sky-high bridges to cross, you’ll find that the Maharajah Jungle Trek offers truly breathtaking opportunities for taking in the beauty of this natural environment.

With cascading waterfalls and an ancient palace offering addition visual feasts, there are no shortages of things to see when you embark on this fun-filled jungle adventure.

The Maharajah Jungle Trek attraction isn’t all fun and adventure; it also involves a fair amount of education about current conservation efforts to keep safe and protect the very animals that you will see.

The highlight of this attraction is very often said to be the majestic Asian tigers, so be sure to spend some time taking in the regal giant cats.

This trail attraction is located in the Asia-themed part of the park, and it shares the space with the Expedition Everest rollercoaster, the Kali River Rapids rafting ride, and Flights of Wonder.

25 Minute Adventure

Expect your Maharajah Jungle Trek adventure to take about 25 minutes, depending on the pace that you keep.

This attraction is suitable for all members of the family, especially since audio assistance devices are available for guests, and the attraction is also stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Due to it not being as popular as some of the other attractions in the area, the Maharajah Jungle Trek is a great choice for a noon-time jaunt with the family, at a time of the day when some of the other attractions might be overly crowded.

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