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Main Street Vehicles at Disney World

Hopping on a Main Street Vehicle at Magic Kingdom is a relaxing way to see the park and an attraction that is often overlooked by visitors.

Providing you with a welcome break from pounding the pavement, Main Street vehicles travel to and from Main Street and Cinderella’s castle.

Depending on the day and the size of the crowd, different modes of transportation are made available to you.

These include a horse-drawn trolley, omnibus (double-decker bus) and old fire engine.

Either a Belgian or Percheron horse is used for the horse-drawn trolleys.

Both breeds are large and are known for their pulling ability.

Main Street U.S.A.

The trolleys at Magic Kingdom ride on tracks, making it much easier for the horses to make their way down Main Street U.S.A.

Naturally, they offer the slowest form of transportation when compared to the other main street vehicles.

The omnibus gives you the opportunity to view Main Street and Cinderella’s Castle from a higher viewpoint and is a favorite for photography buffs.

Finally, the old red fire engine is perhaps most fitting to the time period represented along the street.

It is only able to carry a few passengers at a time, but is perhaps the most popular vehicle of the three.

All three Main Street vehicles allow you to view Main Street at a slower pace.

Upon closer inspection, the road is full of a lot of great turn-of-the-century details.

The overall look of the street took inspiration from the Walt Disney film Lady and the Trap, as well as from Disney’s own childhood.

The area is careful to incorporate several different architectural styles found throughout the United States during the early 1900s.

While most architectural elements are reproductions, the street also includes genuine objects from the turn of the century.

For instance, the gas lamps along the street were originally used in Boston approximately 100 years ago.

Additionally, the cannons found at town-square are from 1880 and were commissioned for the French military.

The street is also contains several restaurants, souvenir shops and even a free barber.

Many of the restaurants serve authentic American food like hot dogs, hamburgers and milkshakes.

Dapper Dans

Main Street is also home to the Dapper Dans.

A staple of Disneyland since it opened in the 1950s, this barbershop quartet has been entertaining crowds and Disney World since 1971.

The traditional singing group can pop up anywhere along Main Street at any time and are sometimes found riding the Main Street vehicles along with visitors.

Disney World’s Main Street vehicles offer more than just a way to rest your feet.

It also provides you with a nostalgic look back at small town America.

There are no age or height requirements to ride on any of the vehicles, though they are all subject to availability.

For the most part, the vehicles will run from the morning to the early afternoon.

If you’re visiting the park, more precise scheduling can be obtained from an information desk or guest services.

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