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Merchandise Co Op in Downtown Disney

The Disney Blogs has opened a new merchandise location known as the The Merchandise Co Op in Spring 2014.

The goal is to provide guests with a totally unique shopping experience.

The Merchandise Co Op will occupy the space that is currently being taken up by Team Mickey, which has since closed down.

This innovative shopping experience will showcase extraordinary retail concepts that is claimed to be like a “shop within a shop.”

Within the co-op space, there will be six different boutiques operating under one single roof.

The six new shopping spaces will go as follows:


Cherry Tree Lane: This shop will be geared towards the sophisticated woman and will sell various designer accessories such as scarves, shoes, jewelry, bags and more.

D-Tech on Demand: Everyone will have a blast at this futuristic shop, which allows guests to customize their very own electronic accessories.

Beautifully Disney: This destination will be for women who are looking for products like make-up, fragrances and other beauty essentials.

The Trophy Room: Those the Trophy Room which features vintage inspired collectibles and lifestyle sports apparel will thrill who have a soft spot for sports!

Zoey and Pickles: Little girls can embrace their inner fashionista in this cute shop, which will showcase all of the latest trends and glamour.

Centerpiece: Bring the magic of Disney to your home at this spot that offers tons of different and eclectic home products including everyday wear, furnishings and textiles.

The Marketplace Co Op at Downtown Disney is set to reveal a new craftsmen style identity yet various elements will remain in place such as the beloved skylight.

Each shop within this phenomenal market is going to offer a distinct variety of specialty products to provide Disney guests with a sense of discovery.

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