Mickey & Minnie New Adventurers Outpost

Get the kids ready for fun new adventures at the Adventurers Outpost, headquarters for Mickey and Minnie.

It is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the largest animal park in the world, located on Discovery Island.

This is Mickey and Minnie’s new exclusive headquarters and make it easier to meet Mickey and Minnie with shorter wait times and air conditioning.

The kids are invited to visit the outpost, a place for old and new friends to gather and share their new and past adventures throughout the world with Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie will also be discussing all the new explorations and adventures they are getting ready to embark.

Character Meet & Greet

Adventurers Outpost
Adventurers Outpost
Adventurers Outpost Adventurers Outpost 1 Adventurers Outpost 2 Adventurers Outpost 3 Adventurers Outpost 4 Adventurers Outpost 5 Adventurers Outpost 6


Don’t worry, even though this is their exclusive headquarters, all the other Disney characters are still at their favorite vacation spot, Camp Minnie-Mickey.

Kids can enjoy visiting them at kiosks along the Character Greeting Trails and take in a Festival of the Lion King show.

Don’t wait, start planning a visit this spring, to mingle in air-conditioned comfort, with the traveling couple at the new and exciting Adventurers Outpost and hear about their new explorations.

Adventurers Outpost is located on Discovery Island near the exit of It’s Tough to be a Bug.

While you are there, why not take the kids to visit the more than 1,700 animals, or a VIP safari tour in the Animal Kingdom.

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