Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom 

Watch your favorite Disney characters come to life when you watch Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade.

The final performance occurred on May 31, 2014.

With wild colors, beautifully decorated animal floats, and talented dancers, everybody’s favorite Disney characters set off on an unforgettable safari through Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Chip and Dale, and other strolling characters, the parade also includes stilt walkers, acrobats, animal puppets, and so much more.

Because the parade is an outdoor attraction, it may be subject to cancellation in the event of inclement weather, so be sure to check the Times Guide at the Animal Kingdom Park for the most up-to-date show times and schedule.

As a general rule the parade starts in the afternoon just before 4pm, but again the times may vary so it is best to always verify the most up-to-date show times.

Parade Route

The parade winds through the Animal Kingdome theme park, starting at a location between Creature Comforts and Pizzafari; which are located near the bridge to Africa, on Discovery Island.

The parade finishes where it started, which makes it easy to find your stroller and other members of your party if you decide to follow the parade as it winds through the park.

Keep in mind that if you get a bit turned around, your park map should help to guide you in the right direction without too much trouble.


Rafiki, from The Lion King, kicks off the jammin’ jungle parade with an energetic vibe that is sure to get you clapping your hands and stamping your feet in time with the infectious musical beat.

A few lucky families (up to 25 park guests) are selected, each day, to join Rafiki on top of the lead parade vehicle and join in on some of the other vehicles, including on Mickey’s large caravan, so consider showing up a little early if you are interested in being picked be a part of the parade.

Jammin Jungle Parade
Jammin Jungle Parade
Jammin Jungle Parade Jammin Jungle Parade 1 Jammin Jungle Parade 2 Jammin Jungle Parade 3 Jammin Jungle Parade 4 Jammin Jungle Parade 5 Jammin Jungle Parade 6 Jammin Jungle Parade 7 Jammin Jungle Parade 8 Jammin Jungle Parade 9


Safari Vehicles

The parade features several safari vehicles, including one that resembles a majestic blue African elephant, Minnie Mouse’s polka dotted camper with a bubble-blowing bathtub, a vibrant yellow animatronic camel, Goofy’s brightly colored camper that actually includes the kitchen sink, and so many more!

The rickshaw taxis are beautifully decorated and are incredibly maneuverable, given their size.

Talented puppeteers operate large animal puppets that will truly get into the energetic spirit of the parade.

Keep an eye out for some of your favorite Disney characters jamming their way down the street, including Timon and Pluto.

Character Interaction

The dancing characters interact with guests along the parade route, so don’t be surprised if you are hugged by a bear or smooched by an orangutan.

This unforgettable expedition can be expected to last about fifteen minutes, and there are a number of comfortable spots to pick out for the best vantage point.

Grab your bench in the shade of a tree and wait for the parade to wind its way past you and your family, while you rock out to some upbeat jungle rhythms.

Filled with your favorite Disney characters, fun vibrant music, and set against the lush backdrop of the Animal Kingdom theme park, Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade offers a little bit of fun in the sun for every member of the family.

Just remember to duck when Donald drives on by in his nautical-themed float, unless you want to get a little bit wet!

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