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Mickey's Philharmagic at Magic Kingdom

Disney World has made a habit of pushing the boundaries of theme park attractions.

Decades of imaginative engineering and development have led to the creation of cutting edge rides and experiences catering to both children and adults.

In a rare collaboration with Disney Animation Studio, Disney World’s imagineers came up with Mickey’s Philharmagic in 2003.

Located in the park’s ever-popular Fantasyland, Mickey’s Philharmagic is a cutting-edge 4D show that features some of Disney’s most beloved characters.

The 12-minute show is open to kids of all ages and is a feast for the senses.

It engages you with 3D animation, well-known songs from Disney films as well as different scents that fill the auditorium during key scenes.

The show begins with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, who are working together to put on an orchestral performance for you and the rest of the audience.

Donald Duck Curtain Call

As the curtains pull back, it becomes clear that Donald isn’t ready.

Waking up from a nap, he scrambled to get the orchestra instruments together before being lured by Mickey’s sorcerer hat.

Calamity ensues as the affable duck dawns the hat and is clearly not prepared for what follows.

The story’s main plot is formed as Donald loses the hat in a magical storm. 

Chasing after it, he finds himself running through several of Disney’s most popular animated features.

The first familiar face you encounter is Lumière, the candelabra from 1991’s Beauty and the Beast.

As he sings ‘Be our Guest’, the smell of food enters the auditorium.

On screen, you’ll see plates, silverware and food dancing to the music as Donald scrambles after the hat.

After nearly nabbing it, the scene suddenly moved underwater and you’re instantly thrust into the world of The Little Mermaid.

Ariel makes an appearance and belts out a rendition of ‘A Whole New World’.

Moving on from the sea, Donald next travels to Africa where he encounters Simba and other characters from The Lion King.

Bathed in a sea of colors and patterns, the Donald finds himself overwhelmed by giraffes and is quickly transitioned into a scene from Peter Pan.

With Tinkerbell at his side, he visits Big Ben and hovers above the London skyline.

Magic Carpet

Aladdin and Jasmine picks him up on a magic carpet.

At long last, Jasmine gets her hands on the sorcerer’s hat high above Arabia and places it on Donald’s head.

In a flash, Donald is transported back to the main stage where Mickey happily regains ownership of his hat.

Expelling Donald from the stage, Mickey sends the orchestra playing into the show’s closing number.

Lighthearted and imaginative, Mickey’s Philharmagic is sure to send you on a trip down memory lane.

Highlighted some of Disney’s greatest hits, it’s likely you’ve seen a majority of the films referenced in the show and will be familiar with many of the songs.

If you have younger children who may not be old enough to remember some of these movies, it will provide them with a great introduction to the world of Disney.

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