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Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor at the Magic Kingdom

Come enjoy a monstrously funny show at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor at the Magic Kingdom!

Now that Monstropolis is running on safe, clean “laugh power”, the city needs more laughs than ever.

To do his part, Mike Wazowski, everyone’s favorite “Monster of Ceremonies”, has opened Monstropolis’ very first comedy club and you’re invited!


Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is located at the Main Street U.S.A. entrance to Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, right next door to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Stop by to enjoy some good comedy, have a chance to speak with some of your favorite Monsters, Inc. characters, and marvel at one of Disney’s most technologically advanced attractions.


Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is an interactive show, utilizing the same digital puppetry technology that made Epcot’s Turtle Talk with Crush such a success!

The monsters will talk directly to guests in the audience and, at the start of the show; guests will even be able to submit their own jokes for the monsters to try out!

The attraction prides itself on its high level of interactivity and Disney’s Imagineers have made it their business to make sure that each show is unique!

When & Fun Fact

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor runs shows throughout the day at the Magic Kingdom. Each performance is approximately 10 minutes long.

During each show, one guest will be singled out as “That Guy” who will be referred to repeatedly throughout the show, usually as the punch line of jokes.

This guest will receive an “I was ‘That Guy’” sticker at the end of the show!

By Marie Ospina
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