See Features Vikings, Trolls & Disney Princesses in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion

Venture onto the cobblestone streets of Epcot’s Norway Pavilion where you’ll encounter Vikings, trolls and even some of your favorite Disney princesses!

Be transported back to 14th century Norway and marvel at the country’s beautiful architecture and landscapes that inspired such Disney films as Frozen.

Stop by to spend some time with a Disney princess or to just grab some of the Pavilion’s famous school bread.

Soon enough the main ride in the pavilion will be opened and this area will be flooded by Frozen fans.


Maelstrom – was closed on October 5, 2014 after 30 years to make way for the new Frozen attraction, "Frozen Ever After," is expected to open in Spring 2016.

The Stave Church – is a 13th century recreation of a Norwegian Stave Church that houses exhibits on Vikings!

The exhibit "Creating the World of Frozen helps you understand how Disney created the magical movie, Frozen.

This churches are a fusion of Christianity and Viking lore.

Princess Meet and Greet is the place to visit and meet Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen at Akershus!


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and Princess Storybook Restaurant – A family-style banquet for breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring a visit from your favorite Disney princesses!

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafé – offers Norwegian sandwiches and some of the best pastries in Walt Disney World, including soft pretzels, traditional Scandinavian favorites, and mousse Viking helmets!


Puffin’s Roost – appears small, but once you enter you quickly realize the amount of merchandise this shop holds.

Through a series of interconnected shops offering Scandinavian candy, clothing, jewelry, books, perfumes, a Kidcot location, statues of Norse trolls and other collectibles.

Fun Facts

Built in 1988, the Norway Pavilion remains the most recent nation to be added to the World Showcase.

Of the 1,000 Norwegian Stave Churches that were build in the Middles ages less than 30 are currently standing today.

When boarding the Maelstrom, keep an eye out for a Hidden Mickey in the mural! One of the Vikings will be wearing Mickey ears!

The traditional national costume that you will see the Pavilion’s Norwegian employees wearing is called a bunad.

To say “hello” in Norwegian, say “god dag” (goo-DAHG).

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