Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to dozens of animal species native to Africa.

Pangani means “place of enchantment” and that is precisely what this beautiful 5-acre habitat is.

The trail itself is 3/8 of a mile long and is divided into 4 separate view areas and 3 observation decks.
The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the trail is traditional African hut.

Walking Wildlife Tour

As you pass through this hut you’ll encounter a group of naked mole rats, one of Africa's most intriguing creatures.

Just past the naked mole rat habitat is an aviary filled with birds native to Africa.

The birds are able to enjoy free flight around the enclosure and produce a chorus of sounds as they go about their daily business.

Past the aviary is the grasslands exhibit, which is inhabited by gazelles, antelopes, meerkats and more.

Hippos & Lowland Gorillas

Moving on, you’ll soon reach the hippo habitat where you can watch this majestic creatures swim underwater.

Capping off the trail is a group of western lowland gorillas.

The gorillas are separated into two groups to keep them from conflicting with one another and often times you will be able to witness some of the younger gorillas playing and roughhousing out in the open.

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail lets you get close to all these amazing animals without disturbing their natural behavior.

Animal experts are stationed at each of the major viewing points and are happy to answer questions about any of the animals located within the habitat.

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