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Peter Pan’s Flight Into Neverland

A classic Disney ride, Peter Pan’s Flight at Disney World allows you to step right into the shoes of Peter Pan as he sails through the air.

Located in Fantasyland, the ride is suitable for children and all ages and has been operating at the Magic Kingdom since 1971.

Using scenes and imagery from the 1953 Disney Film, the rides lasts about 3-minutes as you float along in a flying galleon above London and Neverland.

Peter Pan’s Flight is a popular ride and accepts the FASTPASS service if you would like to save your spot in line and visit other attractions while you wait.

Once you make it to the front, you will board your own floating galleon, which seats 3-4 individuals.

As the ride departs, you’ll enter a familiar scene from the film.

Though shrouded in darkness, you will come across the Darling family’s nursery and encounter the Darling children for the first time.

The voice of Peter Pan then encourages the kids to come along the ride.

Flying Galleon

As the flying galleon leaves the Darling’s London home, you’ll begin to float above their London neighborhood, passing townhouses and light posts illuminated with a warm glowing yellow light.

As the galleon continues its journey, you appear to be flying higher and higher above the streets and you will fly over many of the cities most well known landmarks.

Under the cover of night, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben Tower Bridge and the River Thames as the city sparkles below you.

The ship then seems to drift further and further away from London and after making a turn “past the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning” you’ll be magically transported into Neverland.


The colorful world of Neverland pops to life with beautifully made landscapes and scenery.

After entering Neverland, the galleon will turn a corner and you’ll begin to see the mermaid lagoon from the film on your right.

The Indian village complete with teepees and animatronic characters huddled around a fire are the next familiar scene to appear on your left.

Just behind them is Skull Rock and beyond the rock will be the main pirate ship.

Captain Hook

Wendy is perched at the end of a gangway while Peter Pan battle Captain Hook and Tick-Tock the Crocodile sits in the water surrounding watching over it all.

As audio from the film’s battle sequence plays in the background, you’ll come across Peter and the Darling children at the helm of the ship as Peter’s nemesis Captain Hook stands above Tick-Tock’s open mouth.

Peter Pan’s Flight does a marvelous job of recreating many of the original film’s famous scenes.

Using a combination of perspectives and lighting, the flight from the Darling’s nursery out above the streets of London is truly a sight to behold.

Over the past 60 years, Disney’s Peter Pan has had numerous generations of children dreaming about Neverland.

Peter Pan’s Flight as Disney World provides both children and adults with as close to the real Neverland as is possible.

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