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Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Magic Kingdom

The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Magic Kingdom can be found at the park’s ever-popular Adventureland.

Though it has been in place at the Magic Kingdom since the early 70s, the ride was modified significantly in 2006 to align it more closely with the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. 

The boat ride now features songs from the films and also includes characters such as Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.

The exterior of the attraction was modeled after the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The line forms inside the castillo as was designed to resemble its dark basement and if filled with wooden barrels and cannon balls.

After a winding walk through the bowels of the building, you’ll step into a large boat that can seat up to 24 people.

Dark Ride With Special Effects

Like many Disney rides, this is a dark ride that drifts slowly into different scenes using a mixture of animatronics, lighting and sound.

The ride’s boat sets off into the darkness amidst foreboding sound effects.

Coming upon a waterfall, a projection of Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean films appears and gives you a dire warning before your boat is thrust down a small drop.

Entering the world of pirates, you’ll soon come across the skeletal remains of former pirates in search of treasure in what proves to be a creepy start to the ride.

As you begin to hear the sounds of cannon shots, the boat will arrive at a pirate ship in the middle of the battle before arriving at the seaside town of Puerto Dorado.

Overrun with pirates, the town is filled with scenes of drunken delinquency. 

Treasure Hunt

The boat will pass the town square, where you’ll learn that the pirates are in search of hidden treasure.

In the meantime, they’ve kidnapped the town’s mayor and have decided to auction off a line of women.

With all the action going on, you’ll have to pay close attention in order to catch Jack Sparrow peaking at a treasure map from behind a wooden barrel.

The boat eventually leaves the village, with its final scene consisting of a group of pirate prisoners beckoning over a nearby dog that has a key in its mouth.

Finally, you reach a room full of treasure and a throne with Jack Sparrow sitting in it.

He’s marveling at his treasure along with a bright blue and yellow macaw that has accompanied him.

At the end, the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disney World clocks in at 8 min 30 seconds and gives it riders plenty to enjoy.

Unlike many of Disney’s themed rides, this attraction features animatronic characters modeled to look like real people as opposed to cartoon characters.

This has been executed to great effect on the part of Disney and the ride’s most recent updates incorporated elements from the highly successful film franchise only add to its enjoyment.

While the experience is open to children of all ages and heights, it’s geared more toward bigger kids and adults.

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