Primeval Whirl Ride at Animal Kingdom in DinoLand U.S.A

Dipping and turning, sweeping and twirling, with a zip and a zag, the Primeval Whirl attraction is a spinning ride that is sure to make you scream with delight.

Located in the DinoLand U.S.A section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, the Primeval Whirl ride is unique from some of the other rides at the theme parks, because the cars that guests sit in for the duration of the ride don’t just ride the rails.

The cars spin and twirl around almost manically as they move along the rollercoaster track, which can result in a lot of fun for everyone on board.
With a time-machine theme, you’ll climb into your rollercoaster car and journey back to the age of dinosaurs, with a series of curves, drops, and spins along the way.

Time Traveling Cars

The 13 brightly colored time-traveling cars will whirl past dinosaurs and asteroids, along a twisting maze that is filled with loops, and drops.
The final drop will see the time-travelers descending right into the wide-open jaws of a dinosaur fossil.

The overall theme of the ride is somewhat similar to the DINOSAUR attraction, but it uses significantly fewer gadgets and special effects to provide guests with an entertaining good time.

The ride is more of a wild carnival ride that is filled with campy humor and just a lot of good fun for everyone.

Family Friendly Ride

More of a fun-filled wild-mouse ride than intense rollercoaster experience, the Primeval Whirl is a family-friendly ride that is located near a dinosaur-themed carnival midway, which you will find is jam-packed with games and other types of fun rides.

While the Primeval Whirl is not considered to be at all scary for park guests, and no part of the ride takes place in complete darkness, riders should be over 48 inches tall in order to get on the ride.

Enjoy family-friendly games with the younger kids while one parent enjoys the Primeval Whirl with the older kids; there is something for everyone in DinoLand.

Rider Switch Option

Primeval Whirl does also offer Rider Switch, which is a service that will allow parents to take turns riding on the attractions, while one remains behind with the little ones.

Be sure to ask the attending cast members for further assistance so that you can take advantage of this.

The ride is wheelchair accessible, but due to the nature of the ride, guests must be able to transfer out of their wheelchairs and into the coaster cars.
Service animals are not permitted onto the ride, as these types of rides cannot easily accommodate the needs of a service animal.

Primeval Whirl can be somewhat of a popular ride, but the lines do tend to move fast due to the fast-paced nature of the attraction.

FASTPASS Available

The FASTPASS is available for the Primeval Whirl, which will allow you to bypass all of the others standing in line.

The ride is operational from 8AM to close, but guests should always be sure to first check whether their favorite rides are operational on the day that they visit the parks.

Rides are routinely closed for scheduled maintenance.

Fun for the whole family, Primeval Whirl will take you on a dizzying wild ride that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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