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Disney Queues Worth The Wait

Disney World has earned the designation of “theme” park for a reason!

Walt Disney World Guests find themselves completely immersed in a fantasy experience, not only aboard rids, but often in line as well.

While some lines are definitely worth skipping the dull queue with a FastPass+ (It’s a Small World comes to mind), some of the queues at Walt Disney World are so beautifully themed and detailed that it can be worth your while to forego a FastPass+ (if the standby wait time is within reason, of course!).

Here are just a few of the best themed queues in the parks.

Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom

Wander through Himalayan gardens and shrines, trek shops, and even a Yeti museum featuring more than 8000 artifacts that Disney Imagineers brought back from Nepal as you wait to board Disney World’s tallest ride.

The scenery, theming, and museum do the perfect job of setting a tone of adventure and thrilling discovery before you set off hurtling through the mountains in search of the fearsome Yeti.

Seven Dwarves Mine Ride – Magic Kingdom

As Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction, you will want to be sure to hit this ride early in the morning (within the first hour or so of the park opening) if you don’t want to use a FastPass+.

This queue not only takes you through a charming forest past the Seven Dwarves iconic cottage, but also features several interactive elements once you enter the mines.

Dumbo – Magic Kingdom

The standby queue for this landmark attraction features a whole indoor, interactive play area where children can have fun (and maybe burn off a little excess energy) while you wait.

Guests with FastPasses skip the play area all together, so if you want to take advantage of it, head to the standby line.

  Themed Queues You’ll Still get to Enjoy Even With a FastPass+  

Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios

While one of the best and most intricately themed queues in the parks, the FastPass+ bypasses only the relatively dull outdoor portion of the queue, leading you right into the gorgeously ghoulish lobby.

Toy Story Midway Mania – Hollywood Studios

Both guests with and without FastPasses will be able to enjoy the theming of this pint-sized queue that leaves you feeling like you’ve been shrunk down to the size of one of Andy’s favorite toys.

Star Tours – Hollywood Studios

This queue is a hit with Star Wars fans, but you’ll be able to enjoy all the same attractions and sights that standby guests get to see (just more quickly!)

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