The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion

When Epcot originally opened in 1982, despite being a Disney park it was basically regarded to be an adult’s theme park.

With considerable effort, that all soon changed.

Nowadys, Epcot features a fabulous underwater trip into The Seas with Nemo and Friends underwater world.

It cleverly blends fantasy and a massive aquarium within an underwater world themed action filled Disney pavilion.

Absolutely brilliant!

That’s right…a new magical under-water fantasy ride called The Seas with Nemo and Friends has replaced The Living Seas.

Although it’s definitely aimed at younger visitors to the park, Disney’s timeless, immersive storytelling style will delight both young and older guests alike.

Upon arrival at the pavilion, waiting guests are led along a boardwalk to a beach, whereby they gently meander their way down into a magical fantastic underwater kingdom.

Climbing onboard the colorful bright orange clamobiles, guests finally begin their exciting adventure filled journey with Nemo and his aquatic pals.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is undoubtedly a cute kiddies’ ride built around the memorable Finding Nemo movie.


Traveling in style on board the snazzy clamobiles; passengers are whisked away into a state of the art computer-animated magical under-the-sea extravaganza.

Epcot pavilion’s tremendous centerpiece is the massive 5.7-million-gallon saltwater tank that seamlessly melds real sea creatures including dolphins, sharks and sea turtles with the underwater fantasy of Finding Nemo characters.

And don’t forget to see the SCUBA divers in the aquarium.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends has a light and playful tone with playful trickster Nemo playing a mischevious prank on his doting dad Marlin and fellow fish pals.

Cheekily swimming away from the group, he causes mayham with an APB being put out on the missing fish.

A giggling Nemo remains cleverly out of site hiding behind dazzling corals.

The animated characters of the film swim from scene to scene alongside the clamobiles amid a backdrop of colorful underwater scenery.

Bruce, Dory, Crush & Squirt

Bruce the shark and the film’s unforgetable Dory happily join in on the action making it a fun-filled tale of underwater adventure, thrills and spills.

Crush the surfer-dude turtle and his son Squirt are reunited with Nemo in a particularly enchanting scene involving their careful navigation of the East Australian currents.

With the clamobile vehicles up very close and personal to the massive computer-generated underwater action screens; riders feel they are momentarily swept away by the current. Hold on!

Blurring the line between reality and fantasy even further; at the end of the ride, the animated characters are projected directly onto the glass wall of the pavilion’s aquarium.

Magically, Nemo and his pals appear to be swimming alongside the tank’s real fish!

Computer Generated Characters

And despite there being no actual 3D technogy employment used in this instance, the computer-generated underwater characters assume a realistic 3D quality making them appear to be real.

Riders are treated to a little snippet of the song “In the Big Blue World” which is the theme song in “Finding Nemo- The Musical” featured at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

By selecting this particular tune to farewell The Seas With Nemo and Friends experience; Disney has cleverly created a bridge between two similar attractions in different parks.

Upon disembarking the ride; Kids will love interacting with a loveable and very funny Crush in the wonderful Turtle Talk with Crush Show.

Have fun!

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