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Space Mountain Coaster Ride at Magic Kingdom

Housed within Tomorrowland’s distinctive white dome, few roller coasters have enjoyed the same level of worldwide recognition as Space Mountain in Disney World.

Built from the brainchild of Walt Disney himself, it was the first of the park’s roller coasters and now stands as the oldest in the state of Florida.

Delighting children and adults alike for the better part of four decades, the iconic ride has recently emerged from an extensive round of renovations and now features a whole new set of thrills for younger generations.

If you or your kids haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing the new Space Mountain, it’s worth the trip to the happiest place on earth.

Several key elements of the ride have been updated, including the soundtrack, sound system, visual effects and storyline.

Just as in the past, the entrance to Space Mountain is located just outside the Tomorrowland structure.

Refurbished Roller Coaster

Space Mountain Spaceport

Upon entry, you are taken through a long dark hallway designed to resemble the interior of a spaceport.

As you delve deeper into the spaceport, you’ll encounter screens showing imaginative videos of distant stars, spacecrafts, aliens and robots.

Though the hallways and rooms are dark, they are illuminated by futuristic blue neon lights on the ceilings.

The visual surroundings and videos provide entertainment during your wait as you move ever closer to the front of the line.

Due to its notoriety, the lines to Space Mountain can get rather long during peak times.

To avoid the crowds, try opting for a FASTPASS.

Your Spaceship

Each of Space Mountain’s roller coaster cars is 1-row, 6-person spaceship.

Once strapped securely into the spaceship, you gently leave the spaceport before beginning the ride.

You’re then treated to a spectacular pulsating light show with accompanying stereophonic soundtrack, as you begin the thrilling set of corkscrews and 180-degree bends that lay ahead.

The Ride

After the spaceship ‘revs up’, it thrusts itself into darkness and begins to increase speed rapidly under the cover of darkness.

Complemented by the occasional flashing of lights, the thrill of Space Mountain is that you’ll never know when your ship will make its next sharp turn, or major descent since you won’t be able to see the track ahead of you.

Finally, the ride enters a swirling red wormhole before stopping at its final destination.

Upon exiting the ride, you’ll find that you have been transported to a different world and are surrounded by scenes of a red planet and alien creatures.

In the world of thrill rides and roller coaster, Space Mountain is a legend.

Nearly 40 years after it was first built, it still provides countless visitors with the thrill of a lifetime while paying homage to the era of space discovery in the mid-20th century.

Height Restriction

Space Mountain is great fun for both children and adults.

Keep in mind, however, that the ride has a height restriction of 44 inches, so it may not be suitable for younger children.

The ride’s recent refurbishments add even more to its appeal and no trip to the Magic Kingdom would be complete without a round (or two) on Space Mountain.

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