Spaceship Earth Attraction at EPCOT

Spaceship Earth is the focal point of EPCOT, the Walt Disney World theme park located at Bay Lake, Florida.

Walt Disney designed EPCOT as a dedication to human innovation and imagination.

Opened in October 1982, EPCOT is a beautifully designed futuristic utopia, complete with radiant flower arrangements, sleek grassy slopes and sparkling water features.

Combined with the clean, silvery, metallic architecture, EPCOT truly feels like the perfect future world.

The Spaceship Earth attraction at EPCOT is a giant spherical dome over 160 ft in diameter.

Buckminster Fuller, the late architect and engineer provided the mathematical formula for the sphere.

It was Buckminster, too, who came up with the 'Spaceship Earth' name.

Dr Fuller's unique geodesic domes became so famous that scientists named a molecule after him: The spherical carbon allotrope buckminsterfullerene which was discovered in 1985.

Construction Facts

The construction of the dome is tremendously complex; in total there are over 11,000 isosceles triangles that form the metallic dome.

Over the years there have been a number of modifications made to the Spaceship Earth attraction.

During the summer of 1986, Disney performed minor renovations on the tunnel and removed the fog machine.

Later, in the summer of 1994, Disney closed the dome in order to perform major renovations, with major scene changes to the show, as well as a revised script and orchestral score.

These changes were so extensive that the attraction was closed until the end of November of the same year.

The last major renovations were performed in late 2007 to mark EPCOT's 25th anniversary, and this is the version of Spaceship Earth that you see today.

As the main attraction of the entire EPCOT park, Spaceship Earth has so many features that it is impossible to appreciate without actually experiencing the ride for yourself.

You are taken on a spectacular ride in a time machine past sparkling stars, until you arrive at your first destination.

Audio-Animatronic Adventure

You will get to see Audio-Animatronic cavemen as they hunt in order to survive and speak the very first human languages.

You are then transported forward in time to explore the Egyptians and their unique writing systems, and on to the Phoenicians who devised the alphabet upon which all modern western alphabets are based.

After the Phoenicians you can catch a glimpse of the Ancient Greeks, whose scientific, philosophical and political ideas have laid the foundations for modern western society.

Of course, the Romans come next, whose language, engineering and military might have shaped today’s world.

Throughout this journey, you gain an insight into Walt Disney's appreciation of history and the contribution of each civilization to the things we take for granted today.

The Spaceship Earth is also yet another fine example of education and entertainment both at the same time: This is an extremely difficult balance to achieve but it was one of Walt Disney's main visions as he set out to build his empire.

Following the ancient time periods, you are then taken to Middle Ages, the renaissance and the birth of modern science.

From the beginnings of modern scientific thought, you observe how the marvels of modern technology were invented, including the television, radio and of course, the modern computer.

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