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Splash Mountain Roller Coaster at Magic Kingdom

Head to Magic Kingdom famous Frontierland and you’ll be instantly transported to another time and place.

Florida’s lush tropical surroundings morph into scenes from the dusty Old West where tumbleweeds and cacti flourish in lieu of palm trees and blooming flowers.

Amongst the parched landscape, Splash Mountain stands as a sight for sore eyes as it features gallons of water cascading down its slopes.

A mainstay of the park since 1992, Splash Mountain is based off of the 1946 Disney film Song of the South.

Br’er Rabbit

The original film recounts the tales of a character named Br’er Rabbit, who sets off from his home in Briar Patch in search of adventure.

He quickly encounters two dubious foes - Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox, whose plans are to turn him into their supper.

Borrowing imagery and songs from Song of the South, Disney engineers designed a 10+ minute ride containing both indoor and outdoor segments as well as several exhilarating drops.

Standing high above other nearby attractions, Splash Mountain is hard to miss from the entrance of Frontierland.

On busy days, the line to the ride stretches outside to a wooden bridge pathway wrapping around the mountain.

From here, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of one of the ride’s biggest drops.

As you make your way inside the two-storey wooden entrance building, you’ll encounter wooden barrels, farm tools and other artifacts from the Old South.

Coaster Ride

In keeping with the theme, the ride’s cars have been constructed to resemble hollowed-out logs.

Seated in rows of two, riders must be at least 40” to enter.

The ride begins as a gentle stroll down a river and after an initial shallow drop, you’ll soon enter the world of Br’er Rabbit.

Accompanied by music from the film, you’re soon brought into a tunnel and introduced to Briar Patch, where the mischievous rabbit lives and are acquainted with his surroundings.

Just like Br’er Rabbit, you soon leave the safety of Briar Patch and have your first encounter with Br’er Bear and Fox.

Splash Mountain’s largest indoor section is up next and you’ll be witness to the capture of Br’er Rabbit in several scenes featuring familiar songs, like Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah along with a host of animatronic characters.


Soon, the lights in the tunnel dim and a swirl of foreboding music will fill the air.

As you again reach daylight and the final major drop into splashing water, you’ll catch a glimpse of a captured Br’er Rabbit on the verge of being turned into supper.

The last indoor section of the ride sees the return of the protagonist to his home in Briar Patch.

Scenes of jubilation surround you as the ride slows to a final stop.

In all, Splash Mountain contains 4 major drops and stretches over 2800 feet.

At nearly 11 minutes, it is one of the longest rides at Disney World.

Unlike other rides available at the park, Splash Mountain distinguishes itself through its water features, detailed narrative and roller-coaster drops.

20 years after it was first opened, it’s still remains a fan favorite.

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